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Q. How does the time of high and low usually divide in bipolar?

How long are the high times supposed to last and should the low times last more or less the same? how much time is there usually in between?
A1Thank you Sarina for sharing with me. I have and continue to deal with bipolar disorder everyday in my home. I love my partner very much and I don what I can to learn about this illness. Part of that process for me is sharing with others in similar situations what I have learned. I just hope my experiences can help others
A2thanks Jenn,
I've read around and saw you help everybody here in the community so just wanted to thank you in the name of us all. It's real nice of you and nothing to be taken for granted!!! great person' I wish we had some more like you around...
A3Sorry Sarnia, I dont know what made me think that your nephue was your friend.. Oops.
Yes it is possible for his episodes to change in terms of the time he suffers from each mood. He may be depressed for a week then balanced for a month then manic for 3 weeks and depressed again for 6 weeks and the cycle continues. But there is no set amount of time he will suffer from any one mood.
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