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Q. My 7yr has Diabetes.

She been Diabetic for about 5 weeks and we can't get numbers at a good spot. she aether way to low (30- 60 scary when she gets like this) and to high (300 - 400) We been looking at what she eating calling the physician. he been play with here shots but nothing working. Its when she at school is were the nuber are mostly going up an down. we been trying to work with the school but she the only one in the hole school that has Diabetes. what to do ?
A1Try to reduce her stress.
Keep an eye on her, but don't make it sound like such a big deal.
A2I have an 8 year old son with Type 1. He was diagnosed at 22 months old. Getting their blood sugars under control is very challenging but it will get better. Please ask me any questions you have. The best thing we ever did was put him on the pump. It made eating so much easier instead of food fights.
A3It is obvious that she is eating things in school that are not on her diabetic diet. She is 7 and even if she tells you she isn't, she is probably eating candy of some kind. The problem with candy is it will bring the level up and then when it comes down, it comes down fast and if she hasn't eaten enough of the right diet it can bring it too low. The pages that the lady above have suggested should help you alot.

Q. how diabetes is caused

A1Diabetes is the inability of the body to ‘produce insulin - type 1 diabetes’ or ‘proper use of insulin - type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes and pre-diabetes’. Diabetes is often goes undiagnosed because many of the symptoms of diabetes seems harmless. The causes of diabetes continues to be a mystery, pancreas it the organ whose defect causes diabetes.
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Here we can find information on alternative medicines for diabetes.
A2Diabetes is a name for many types of diseases that all have one common path- high levels of glucose that remain in the blood stream and cause damage. The exact mechanism of injury remains somewhat unkown, however it is known that in type 1 diabetes there is an autoimmune damage to the pancreatic cells that produce insulin, and in type 2 diabetes, there is peripheral impairment in the body's reaction to the insulin until all insulin storages in the body are depleted.

Q. my grandmother was diabetic ... and i learned that diabetic is genetic ... should i be concern for me or

or for one of my family reletives ... she suffered a lot and she died of it .. if a blood tests shows high amount of sugar in my blood , does i mean i am diabetic ?

Q. do diabetic people can get cure of being diabetic?

ANo. Diabetes (both types) can't be cured, although it can be treated quite efficiently.

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Q. what is main symptom of diabetes

i want more information about diabetes
A1ya that's very good
A2i think this animation can give you a good idea and will be a great start. because it's a big subject with tons of info:

Q. Can you help me in diabetes?

I have diabetes since last 10 years do you know any natural cure for this ?
AThere are no natural cures for diabetes and the only non-pharmacological option of treatment is balancing your diet with strict adequacy to minimize weight gain, hyperglycemia (high levels of blood glucose) and to engage in regular physical activity.

Q. how to get rid of diabetes?

My boyfriend is suffering from it and it's a real burden!!! How can he make it go away?? is it all about the food he puts in his mouth?
A1great videos!!! has anyone else watched it but me??
A2Yes, Bradon, you guessing is correct, I apologize.
A3she is 17, so maybe i just don't want to believe there are a lot of type 2 diabetes amongst 17 year old... so i automatically move to type 1.
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