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Q. Can I treat dental Caries with antibiotics?

I heard it’s a contagious disease, which means there are bacteria causing it. That means I can kill them by taking antibiotics no?
A1Your mouth has 500 different known bacteria in it. And a large amount of viruses and fungus. Taking antibiotics will not stop them from destroying your teeth. Maintaining good oral hygiene will, and with much less side effects…
A2It’s not effective. You see- antibiotics that you take spread threw your body, go to all sort of places and kill a lot of bacteria living in your body peacefully and just a small part of it gets to your teeth. That small part is not enough to do squat. And even so- it want stop Caries, it may help a little bit when the bacteria finished eating up the enamel + dentin and got into the pulp (the living part). That’s because up until then it’s not a vasculated material therefore – antibiotics will never get there.

Q. Can dental anesthesia trigger a heart attack?

I have heart problems and about to go to the dentist to do a root canal.
AWell, it's a very very rare complication, and one that dentists know how to and should avoid, but if the anesthetic substance reach a blood vessel it may cause problems with the functions of the heart (mainly the heart rhythm, less commonly the normal heart attack).

However, if you have heart problem, especially problems with the valves of the heart you should inform your doctor and your dentist - you may need to receive antibiotics prior to the dental procedure in order to prevent infective endocarditis (infection of the heart valves).

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Q. Dental Caries and Stress are related?

Can it be possible that dental caries (cavities) be caused by stress? It seems to me that it can, because stress can cause all kinds of other health problems then why can't it also cause cavities. I have tried to find answers to question online, but have been unsuccessful. Sure would be great to know the answer to this.
A1if you understand the question "dental carries and stress are related?"

there are many factors that cause cavities ...

- poor hygiene
- poor diet
- malnutrition
- disease or illness
- and stress

it is well documented in the medical and alternative fields
A2dental cavities is not cause by stress most cavities are caused by not cleaning your teeth properly, by keeping ones teeth clean and floss and visiting the dentist once a year it will take care the problem.
A3the cortisol level of the body increases when the body is stressed
therefore produces acid
and can be determined using litmus test on the tongue
acid in the mouth creates a environment for bacteria etc.
and also
stress can cause your body to flush out minerals from your body
minerals ex. calcium .. are found in bones teeth etc...this means more susceptible to cavities

Q. I'm 36 years old, and i'm intresting in: weight loss, and dental

A1and dental what?
A2I'm 36 years old, and i'm intresting in: weight loss, and dental

Q. Do dental caries really cause death in severe cases?

its written in wikipedia i have a severe case of dental cavity. I’m scared
ABasically, dental caries is an infection. That means bacterial growth. When it enters the blood stream the bacteria can travel around and sit on your heart, for example, and then to destroy it’s valves. Or it can get to the brain or what ever. The same way you can die from a contamination of a deep wound. But don’t get too excited, just go to the dentist.

Q. Do dental caries really cause death in severe cases?

its written in wikipedia i have a severe case of dental cavity. I’m scared
A1The only time a dental cavity can cause death is if the infection becomes severe and enters the blood stream, in which case it might spread to the vital organs. If you have not already talked to your doctor or dentist, do so right away--they should know if you need to be prescribed medication or otherwise treated to prevent the infection from spreading. Generally death is only a danger if a really severe infection is ignored; just talk to your dentist and make an appointment and you should be fine.
A2the big problem with dental caries is that if you neglect it in such a matter that it passes through the tooth and enters the tooth pulp- the bacteria that enters can cause local infection and can even go through to cause sepsis or just move along the body. but usually the pain will bring you sooner to the dentist...

Q. Can I go threw a dental treatment while being pregnant?

I’m on my 21 week of pregnancy, I probably need to go threw a root canal. That involves anesthesia, x-raying, maybe even infection- should I wait until the ed of my pregnancy?
A1I think I will agree with melissa's answer. Dental treatment during pregnancy should be fine. Just mention that to your dentist so that he/she really is aware that you're in pregnancy.

Though the radiation can commonly be interpreted as something that will endanger the fetus, but the effect of radiation in pregnancy is quite low, and since it is all about your mouth and teeth, so we can assume that it doesn't affect your belly at all. A apron shield (will be placed in front of your belly) to prevent the radiation as minimal as possible.

important note: In case you already had x-ray procedure before you know that you're pregnant, don't worry.
A2According to Teratogen centers – there’s no problem at all. It was tested clinically and epidemiologically that it’s fine doing dental therapy threw all times of pregnancy. Even if it says panoramic x-ray. It’s not even near the level that can harm a fetus. And also the local anesthesia can’t harm it too.
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