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Q. Is it a birth defect in children?

I know about the causes of autism. Is it a birth defect in children?
A1it's not an easy answer i'm afraid...there are congenital differences, but no "birth defect" that we can detect. there's a good pdf file that gives a full explanation about it...i think you'll find it useful:
A2Unfortunately, science has not been able to give us the solid answers we would like on this issue and there is a great deal of controversy surrounding it. There are many organizations; however they have dedicated themselves to finding the answers. An online search of autism causes will give you many links to the various organizations.

Q. why does ADHD make kind of an hype to children? is it a nerve defect?

Ait's a complex interaction among genetic and environmental factors causing a disorder in the central nervous system. a study showed a delay in development of certain brain structures n the frontal cortex and temporal lobe, which are believed to be responsible for the ability to control and focus thinking.
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