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Q. do Arthritis can cause death?

Ain a secondary way, if you have a sore knee and you go down the stairs - you might fall and break your neck. but not in a direct way.

Q. Do dental caries really cause death in severe cases?

its written in wikipedia i have a severe case of dental cavity. I’m scared
ABasically, dental caries is an infection. That means bacterial growth. When it enters the blood stream the bacteria can travel around and sit on your heart, for example, and then to destroy it’s valves. Or it can get to the brain or what ever. The same way you can die from a contamination of a deep wound. But don’t get too excited, just go to the dentist.

Q. How do you overcome depression caused by the death of a loved-one?

I have been in a relationship for 3 and a half years, and been living with my girlfriend that just passed on suddenly. I don't have many friends, probably enough for one hand to count. I have signed up for bereavement counseling and still waiting to. Is there anything else anyone can suggest to me, or even someone just to talk to on my down times. Please help me!!! Suggestions?.
A1Sorry for your loss, I would have to say time will heal, and let yourself grieve, cry, and day by day you will get better...even if you don’t feel it.. one day you will. In the meantime, counseling is wonderful, because you can make friends you can talk to and can relate to. Also, try to keep busy, read, start up a hobby, watch funny movies, volunteer at a local hospital or church. Being around people and helping others always helps somehow.:)
A2Hi Daniel,
Im am so sorry for your loss. I know that words now have little relief for you. So many people are suffering from the debilitating loss of a loved one. You are not alone. If you need to talk to someone you can talk to me anytime- you can see my details on Imedix. Is there a chance that you can talk to a Doctor or professional about this? I know it might not be that much of help to you right this second but i think they can help a little during this time.
A3I am sorry for your loss. We all grieve at the passing of a loved one. It is a good time to be with family if you have a relationship.
Don't forget that you parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, grand parents, aunts and uncles may have gone through similar life experiences. Your friend's family grieves with you too and may appreciate a visit. Grief does seem to pass with time though. I still grieve for my parents and grandparents although many year have passed. You have to cherish the time you have with those you love and realize that everyone is in the same boat with you. There will probably come a time for each of us to move on after the loss of a loved one as that would be what they would want you to do. Keep them in your memory and do the best you can.

Q. in what age ADHD usually attacks??? is it a children deceases?

Ait's not a disease. it's not caused by a bacteria/fungus/virus. it's a disorder. here is a video that might explain :

Q. It passable to treat cancer in it's late stages of the decease?

Awow...this is probably the best Freudian slip I've seen in years(decease = disease)...

and for the question- depends on the kind of cancer you have. but there is a bad prognosis after finding metastasis all over. in general...but there's always hope!

Q. what are the main and the most dangerous deceases over weight can help to develop?

AThe main diseases (either because there are more prevalent or more serious) are "metabolic syndrome" diseases: diabetes, hypertension and the resulting heart and blood vessels diseases, which may lead to heart attack, stroke, kidney damage and various other injuries to the body. Actually, weight reduction and physical activity are better than most drugs in PREVENTING diabetes (and are also very efficient in treating mild diabetes).

Other disease that may result from obesity include osteoarthritis (damage to the joints in elderly people that may be debilitating), blood clots, cancer, sleep disturbances, gout (attacks of joint inflammation) etc.

You may read more here:

Q. Is Arthritis A genetic decease? if so , how can i detect it during pregnancy?

Aarthritis has a genetic tendency . it's not a genetic disease. that means that there are people that are born with a higher chance to develop arthritis then others, but not carrier of a genetic disease. about arthritis while pregnant, i found you a site talking about this issue exactly:
i hope it helps!
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