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Q. Is there anyone out there that could help? I just wanna cry…….

Hi Everyone...Thanks to Imedix . I am only 6 weeks pregnant and every day night is troublesome to me with horrible symptoms of shakiness, high heartbeat, sour stomach, tiredness, and a very extreme nausea. I can't sleep and my stomach feels punched by someone. Anyone else has experienced this? I have stopped the meds as that increases my irritation. I hate to eat at all! I can barely function....or talk without gagging. Is there anyone out there that could help? I just wanna cry…….
AHey...I totally understand how you feel...I am on Zofran which has worked wonders for me except I had some constipation, not a bad compromise for this sickness. I'm able to function and eat and the food stays down. I'm 19 weeks now but in the beginning of my pregnancy I had a continuous abundance of saliva in my mouth and also an awful taste. Eating mint gum helped me tremendously. I no longer have the abundance of saliva but I still get that awful sour taste. I am having gingerale and also Gatorade, it helps me.

Q. I feel like crying!

Hi. My name is Liam Lukas. I believe that I'm suffering from a major depression brought on by a multitude of factors. Stress, work, family, poor diet, etc. . .and it has affected me very deeply. I have bouts of sudden mood swings, feelings of worthlessness, thoughts of suicide, a lack of interest in favorite hobbies, no social activities, and lack of sleep patterns... I'm 33, male, and I feel I'm a burden to my family and feel like a failure. I feel like crying all the time (although I try and hid it by avoiding others).
A1hi Lukas, i am Christophe, i understand quite well what is going through your mind and body. I cry daily by watching films and i am happy to do so. please stay in touch with a doctor and/or psychologist. it can also be a ergo-therapist you can share your troubles. your job is important too, this is so. i lost in 17 years 15 times my job or had from one day to another no money anymore and so that i had to ask for social assistance. it can happen to anybody. even as electric engineer i have no protection to come in such situation! so please stay in touch and avoid isolation. if you need some tips because of your depression i will give you some. bye for now and thank you for sharing about your life.

Hello. There's nothing wrong with crying. You need togo see your doctor and tell him or her all this stuff. Doctors are highly trained to recognize things like depression. Its just scary at first. If you get prescribed medicine, start taking it and stay with it. Things will get better and your boss will notice the improvement and probably be happy about it. Job stress is a real life problem. When the job gets really bad, finding another better job could be just the thing you really need. If your boss does not want you to let you get help, then there is something really wrong with that person. If you are stuck with a crummy boss, the way to get by, is to collaborate with the other people you work with. Its a very old survival technique. Bad bosses do come and go most of the time and you can outlast them by sticking together with your coworkers. I lived through quite a number of them this way. But it is work. Don't take work personally. You gotta not let it get to you.
A3I would visit with a doctor and see if you can get diagnosed professionally. This way you can see what exactly it is you have and find a way to start living with it and leading a happier life by doing so.

I wish you luck, thanks for sharing.

Q. How can I forget thoughts of my beloved son…it’s not possible…..i am crying……………….

when you lost your loved one, do you guys grieved? I lost my son, john, last January, I still miss him a lot and no word can explain that. My husband tries not to cry on, but he too yesterday broke as I remembered that day of last year. My friend says "It has been almost a year...move on…but how? Just forget about my child like nothing happened? He was 15 years old, and God took him back. How can I forget thoughts of my beloved son…it’s not possible…..i am crying……………….
A1I am sorry for your loss. Its okay to cry. Its difficult on those anniversary days of the passing of a close family member. All the things you mention are part of the grieving process that we all go through. You should not forget your child. Moving on does not mean forgetting them. It only means accepting what has happened and letting go of the notion that somehow you can get them back. Your son is in God's hands just like you are. These are good hands to be in. I don't think any of us can really understand why or can can come up with the answer to it all. I trust that God takes care of all those he calls to him.
A2Sorry for your loss and death of a loved one is the hardest of all to try and get over. Your grief is a normal process and cry if you need to. If your grief is so deep that it is affecting your everyday life visit a therapist. When I lost my mom unexpectedly a year ago, I was depressed in such a bad way for six months then I visited a therapist and she referred me to a psychiatrist and I was given some antidepressants and now I feel better. Why don’t you go for a child to get out of this hard time…….

Q. I always get into trouble, crying at least 3 times a day. What shall I do?

I’m 19 years old, I hate myself and my life. Every day I wake up to think that today my day will be perfect, but it never as I always get into trouble, crying at least 3 times a day and always feeling that I’m of no use at all. I am a very emotional person. What shall I do?
A1Hi my boy you have a long way to go. You are very young to think as you have been doing and I feel the situation is not as alarming as you think. I feel that you are suffering from depression which is a type of mood disorder and trust me there is nothing serious. Don’t think like that way you are doing now and you're not alone; life is just one big battle for everyone. I can suggest you to try to spend more time in activities which makes you feel good - draw, walk, watch movies, etc. Share your feeling with your parents; they will take you to a doctor.
A2If this has been going on for several weeks, you may have depression. The way to find out for sure is to get checked out by your doctor. They can tell if it is something that needs to be treated or not.

What in the world happened around the time this started going on?? Have you talked about it with someone you trust. That can help alot. Try and stay away from alcohol. Alcohol will only make it worse. It does not cure anything.

Have you been doing anything physical, like walking. If not, its time to get out and go. It always helps me to get out and walk.

Are you stuck in a stressful job? or a lousy boss. Join the crowd or find a better one, or figure out how to deal with it with the others you work with.

Theres nothing wrong with being emotional. Crying is natural. Laughter is too. Perhaps this will pass. IT could be time to take a break and get away from stressful things, make or renew relationships. If you have parents or a relative, give them a call and talk it all out

Q. This is Oliver 19 years old.I don’t like to talk to others, even to my parents. I don’ know why?

This is Oliver 19 years old. I have no one to share my feeling, so I am writing here to get some advice. First thing is, I am black and fat, this makes me very depressive. I don’t like to talk to others, even to my parents. My younger brother is cuter than me. So I hate him, probably I cry every night especially when I listen to music. Sometimes I am forcing myself to cry, I don’ know why?
A1Hi Oliver, please share here with us your talents and hobbies and thoughts. We do not bite!

Your topic-manager
A2First of all, trust that you are not alone. At your age it is difficult to handle this problem alone. Try to make some friends and share your inner thoughts with them or with your parents. Some time, family isn't the best, but they have to know how you’re feeling! I am speaking from my experience. Daily go for a long walk without thinking unnecessarily. I hope you will feel the real world, Good Luck!
A3HI OLiver,,whats hapening, wellcome herto the site there are a lot of people that would love to talk to you---dont down yourself,you are a young black man you should be proud;what size you are doesnt matter--keep your head up an dont let what other people call you or say to you bother you---remember to stay away from negative people an you will be alright,I am a 52yr old black man an i will talk to you any time you want,find out what makes you happy/what do you want to do with your life?---mrfoot56

Q. Can anybody tell me why my son is behaving like this.

My Lovable son Ron 8, he is quite in nature. But, now I realize some changes in him. His behavior really made me upset. He doesn’t want to play, need more sleep than usual, mostly looking sad and cry for no obvious reason. Can anybody tell me why he is behaving like this?
AChange in the behavior may suggest many things - does he have any difficulties in his life currently? Problems at school? friends? Did he experience any frightening or painful experience lately? Did he undergo any major change in his life lately?

I think that trying to talk to him and let him express what's going on in his life is a good step, as well as talking to his teachers in order to get additional information about school and friends.

Of course, if you think that things are serious, you may want to consult a professional (e.g. psychologist, psychiatrist, doctor).

Take care,

Q. Am I crazy is it bipolar.What`s this.

I move into depressions for 2 weeks or more and always feel horrible. There is seriously something wrong. I have no reason to be depressed. I have the best friends ever, a good family. I seriously feel like I'm going to cry without reason and to keep from doing that I just randomly start absolutely nothing for 5 minutes. People around do think …laughing for what. Am I crazy is it bipolar? What`s this.
A1Samir is right. If you are experiencing mood swings and you are concerned, now is the time to consult medical professionals before the situation worsens. Talk to your doctor about what you have been experiencing and inform him/her that you would like a referral to a psychaitrist for an evaluation. This is the best way to get a diagnosis, from there you can begin some treatments.
A2It sounds like Bipolar disorder. Please consult your family physician. Family physician and Psychiatrist need to work together for a correct diagnosis and treatment. You will not suffer like this with safe medications prescribed by a Psychiatrist.
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