Patient discussion about copper

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Q. where I can have copper in my diet?

I am having arthritis and recently I heard that copper can reduce some pain, from where I can have copper in my diet?
A1Oysters and other shellfish, whole grains, beans, nuts, potatoes, and organ meats (kidneys, liver) are good sources of copper. Dark leafy greens, dried fruits such as prunes, cocoa, black pepper, and yeast are also sources of copper in the diet. be careful in large amounts, copper is poisonous.
A2Copper can reduce your pain and you can supplement them from honey, cocoa, whole wheat products, dried beans, hazelnuts, and shellfish. Having them will help you to fight against cancer also. If possible try to reduce on vitamin C, iron and high fiber diet as they interfere with copper metabolism in your body and you will be benefitted more.
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