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Q. What's the difference between the depressions of the bipolar disorder and clinical depression?

How can I differentiate between the two? Thanks
A1When it persists past several major bouts, it is then called "chronic" and yes, from one who has it, it can go on for many years. You keep hoping that it won't come back but it hits you and you never seem to know why. After many good days, you think its gone and life will be good again and you get hope for getting off the medicine, and then out of no where, whamm, bamm and it knocks you down again, sometimes really down there with your face in the dirt. I just keep taking my medicine, pray alot, and stay away from stressful things.

A2With clinical depression it can persist for years. There is no real reason for the depression and it tends to show up on a regular basis for the majority of the person's life.
A3The depressive side of bipolar disorder has the same symptoms as clinical depression but the mania experienced with bipolar disorder is a lot more than not feeling depressed anymore. there are the mood changes or mood swings from high to low with bipolar disorder.
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