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Q. I have just developed a pain in my calf - feels like it clicks when I walk, and is a sharp pain

I first noticed this problem this morning. As I stepped out of my car, I felt a sharp pain in my left calf, and it has gone worse as the day has gone on. No pain until I walk. as i think of it- fatman's answer seems more logical. but usually people can tell the difference between strained muscle and other stuff. if it was just a pulled muscle he would have thought of it and naturally massage the area. no?
A2you may have pulled your calf muscle. Try doing stretching of your calf and light massaging. Also apply ice to it and heat (ICY HOT patches work.)
A3sounds like a broken ankle to it swollen? have you injured it somehow in the past two days..? maybe in your sleep? the next step you should do (this one won't hurt ;) ) is go make an x-ray of your foot.
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