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Q. I think i might have chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. how can i tell the difference?

So far, the doctors have not been able to diagnose anything and have basically been putting me on random medications just to relieve the symptoms. Symptoms I have: Fatigue (sleeping thirteen hours +) exhaustion pain in my knees, ankles, and weirdly my elbows. Headaches, congestion. I’ve been really nauseous occasionally and ended up having to go to the ER because of it.
A1Here is a site that might help you. You can type in the symptoms one at a time and it’ll give you optional illnesses that correlates with the symptoms:

A2Oh Boy, Fibromyalsia is really tough to diagnose, but my guess would be at your age it isn't that. Sounds more like Rheumatoid Arthritis, to me. Your other symptoms DO coincide with either disease. Except for the nausea, and that is probably from your meds. Your body is young for all or those and they are very bad for you.

I too have had a slew of blood tests going as far back as when I was 17(I'm 42 now) and nothing ever showed up in those tests until about 3yrs ago. Have your parents ask for extensive X-Rays, and a MRI. That is one true way to show the deterioration of your cartilage.

Q. What can cause chronic fatigue?

For the last few weeks I’ve been having this strange fatigue, I sleep 12-14 hours at night (I used to sleep 6-7 hours), and I’m tired all day long. It really bothers me. What can is be?
A1Wow, there are so many…to give you a taste- here is a list. I guess some of them you can rule out pretty easily through checking your habits and other symptoms (if you have any):
A2There are about 20-30 causes of chronic fatigue that are known. But mind you that you still don’t have chronic fatigue- this requires 6 months of fatigue. What you have is acute fatigue. And there are probably even more causes of that. Some of them are probably viruses that were not identified yet. So I recommend a good Dr. and thorough exam.

Q. How do you know when your tiredness is a chronic health symptom?

Sometimes I'm just overwhelmingly tired and need to lay down for awhile. Then I feel better but then I haven't accomplished a lot. At least after I rest I am able to do things again. What is Chronic Fatigue all about?
A1Wow! Good question!
I tell you what- here is a very good site I use all the time. You enter a symptom and it gives you all the illnesses that have the symptom. Then you enter another symptom you have and it narrows the list.
I already entered fatigue for you:

and here is a site about chronic fatigue syndrome that you can look for differences:
A2Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Epstein-Barr Syndrome is a lymph node problem which lowers your resistance. You can be diagnosed with simple blood tests. Ask your Dr. to do a blood panel with a Mono-panel. Then he might prescribe vitamins or exercise for you. Good luck and feel better. I have CFS and Fibromyalgia and I know how you feel - don't get down on yourself for allowing yourself to work on your exhaustion and not doing another load of laundry!

Q. Has anyone tried natural hormones for hypo-thyroidism or fibromyalgia?

I am on the low normal range for hypo-thyroidism (do not take meds for) and was diagnosed years ago with fibromyalgia. I take Ultram for the pain which also helps my fatigue factor but I still feel so sluggish sometimes and just want to sleep. I'm on an anti-depressant as it is. I've been hearing more about natural hormone therapy for these conditions and was wondering if anyone out there has tried this.
A1i have cfids and fibro as well as had my thyroid removed (parathyroid still in place). There really is no substitute for Synthroid that is as effective. There is with cfids and fibro. sensitivity to medications so the dosage normally given would not be the same usually lower dosages or 1/4 to 1/2 tabs. i have started on D-ribose, enada, COQ10, PB 8, Fish Oil with Omegas and primrose oil and B12 compounded shots in addition to other medications to treat medical issues that come along with the diseases. The first are homeopathic and are metabolized at a greater rate than synthetic meds which are often not processed correctly and may build up in your system. It is good to find a specialist [true specialist] or immunologist to help you with the medications and symptomologies that occur. Each person's system is different yet the way that it recognizes medications, food and such is similar and unique to the illnesses.
A2I also suffer from hypothyroidism and depression. I currently take 112mg of Levothyroxine, also known as L-thyroxine, synthetic T4, or 3,5,3',5'-tetraiodo-L-thyronine, is a synthetic form of thyroxine (thyroid hormone.). I can sympethise with you when it comes to the weakness and fatigue. I too find myself wanting to sleep during the day. I am 42 and can't stand the fact that this is the way of life for me for the rest of my life. If you have had any success since you posted your question, please forward the info, it would be much appreciated.
A3The Ultram and the anti-depressants do that and as for the natural hormone treatments they don't really work. The Gulf War that gave me hypo-thyroid and hypo-prolactimia which is the Pituitary Gland acting up. On top of the fibro,fatique,pain and recovering from arsenic poison I was put on hormone treatments and it made things worse. I blew up like a balloon, I was still tired and it never corrected the problem with my glands. I tried everything out there and I wasn't getting any better until now. A friend of mine told me of this product called Vitalitea and that it could help me.I was desperate to get my health back and boy did I. Go to and click on product and wellness and read it. Check out the www on the healing properties of quality green tea and not the stuff you by at the local store. My fatique, and chronic pain is gone. My Fibromyalgia is so, so mild. I do fun things again after 7 year of suffering. You won't regret it. It is all natural.
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