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Q. I’ve been planning to start a fitness regime center for some time now. What’s the best way to chart it out?

I am the breadwinner in my family. I did a business that was earning me substantially well. It was a fitness equipment selling business. My business met with a loss last year and now I’ve been planning to start a fitness regime center for some time now. What’s the best way to chart it out and keep track of what I’ve done? I should not meet with the same loss again. Already my family is upset with me. So please help!
A1daronstorm, i'm not sure your question is medical..if i understand correctly- you are trying to open up a business and wish it to go well. in that type of business the hard thing is to get clients and to keep them. getting them is a matter of publicity, location,prices etc. keeping them- i suggest giving a whole treatment. that means not just a gym, hire a nutritionist ,trainers, and maybe think about putting a sauna and a jacuzzi too. the nutritionist and the trainers will build a workout plan together for the clients and you'll need some managers to do a follow up on the clients. did they met their goals? if not- what is missing?

i hope it helped....
A2I can understand your situation well, dear friend. I too have met with the same situation 5 years back. I sold my property to overcome my debts. Keeping an online chart is a good method. Your chart can be saved and you can get back to it whenever it is needed. So, you will have less paperwork and pin-ups. I've heard some people talk about ‘Tab-Up’ as a good organizer. You could probably check it out and see if it works well for you and do all the planning you can and stick to the simplest possible regime. Make sure that this regime becomes a part of your daily life. You can also start different modes of exercises and nutritional diets that would suit different age groups. Once you start leading a healthy lifestyle, your family will most probably join you too and there will be less unhappiness around you. The trouble with all fitness regimes is that they are not well integrated into our lifestyles. Therefore we end up fouling it up with every excuse we can get. Take me for instance. I t

Q. I would like to compare old blood sugar and today´s blood sugar values or level. what is the difference?

Ai'm not sure understand the ask how to do so? what does a difference mean? to compare with your old blood sugar test? others?
i would like to help but i think i'll need a bit more information...
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