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Q. what have been some of the hardest things you've experienced as a parent or caregiver of an autistic child?

I would like a point of view of someone with experience so I’ll now what to expect later in life.
A1The hardest thing that I experience as a parent is the ignorance from others who just don't know what autism is, how to handle it, and how rude and dysfunctional they are being towards my child without realizing it, even so called experts like educators and doctors.
A2The hardest thing I have ever experienced period, is being called into the school to "help the admin staff deal with Brandon", to find him being pinned to the floor by 3 grown men! Oh, and the phone call from the Principal advising me that since I was more than 30 minutes away he was going to call the ambulance to have my son "chemically subdued"! Both of those incidents broke my heart. I felt extremely guilty that my son had caused such distress to the staff at the school, but also felt sick to my stomach that my undersized 9 year old son was being "managed" like a violent criminal. (you have to see this kid to believe it. He is the height of a 7 year old, yet is able to physically fight a male adult for well over an hour).
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