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Q. how to avoid breast cancer?

i heard that wearing bras when sleeping causes breast cancer and i've been doing this for the past 2 years and now i'm so scared
A1I'm not sure how to avoid it but I can tell you for sure that going to check yourself every year is extremely important and has helped save so many lives. you can never be too carefull... can relax. it has nothing to do with it. same as nothing really happens if you pass under a ladder. here is a link to real risk factors of breast cancer:

Q. Is there any possibility for me to have breast cancer?

I am having a lot of pain in my right breast, close to chest and underarm. I’m 24 year old female. I have large breasts, but I do not feel any lumps. Is there any possibility for me to have breast cancer? Thank you very much.
A1at the age of 24 breast cancer is extremely rare, not that it's never heard of, but it's rare. if you feel no lumps it's even more unlikely.
but just for the chance that it is and even if it's not cancer but something else- go get checked.
A2Nothing is sure without any examination. But the symptoms which you have are not of a kind usually associated with breast cancer. It sounds like a muscle pain maybe due to a heavy breast. But since an examination should be done I recommend that you let a dr. check you!

Q. what is inflamatory breast cancer?

AIt's a type of breast cancer that presents as an indurated, or hardened, red and edematous skin over the breast. It's considered an advanced cancer, and in most times when it's diagnosed there are cancer cells in the lymph nodes in the armpit (axilla) or metastases elsewhere in the body. It may be mistaken with infection of the breast.

You can read more here:

Q. what are the risks for breast cancer?

AMainly exposure to estrogen, the female sex hormone, without progesterone, the other sex hormone to oppose it: younger age at the beginning of menses, older age of menopause, not being pregnant at all, older age at first pregnancy, hormonal replacement therapy (somewhat controversial). Also first degree relatives with breast or ovarian cancer, and specific mutations (such as BRCA1 or 2).

These are the major ones. You may find more info here:

Q. Lump in the breast!

Hi buddy! My gf is 30. For the past 3 months she is feeling something hard, marble like and lumpy in her breast which moves within its own place. I don't get on with her GP so don't want to go about this lump. Is there anywhere in UK where I can take her and have a mammogram and pay?
A1Hi. Where I live we have a NHS mobile mammogram unit (kinda like a mobile home) that travels around the county. It's completely free to go and you don't need an appointment. You just drop in. I've never been but i'm pretty sure my mother has and it's all very easy. I don't know where you live (I'm in Essex, UK) but this might be worth looking into.
A2I allway say(BE SURE)I dont understand why people try to self diagnose them selves,when it comes to a disease like breast cancer,(yes)most cancer in young women are (benign)if she doesnt like her DR,she can always get a second opinion--Breast cancer is the #1 killer of women in the (USA).Cancer cells can spread to any part of the body,but it takes time,thats why it is emportant to make sure your lump is benign an not cancerous--good luck--mrfoot56
A3Make sure she doesnt consume caffeine (no soda, or coffee) as this may make it heart a bit. The same happens to my wife. She had to get them removed. I would go to a doctor and check it first. Check in google and see if you can find one. Or open up the yellow pages.

Q. Is it a breast cancer?

My cousin, 30/female. She says that while she do some heavy work her right side breast is paining heavily. I am scared, whether is it a symptom of a breast cancer or something else. I like to help & comfort her?
A1Wow! quite a hot discussion in here..

I will say, what lixurion shared to us here is probably something new for all of us, and we need to consider it as additional knowledge,
BUT I will also encourage darwin to help his cousin to check her right breast to a doctor (maybe even an oncologist). If you agree with lixurion, then your oncologist should be able to detect the lump, and if it is needed, the doctor will do Fine Needle Aspiration to check it. Or if the effect of mammography is that bad, your doctor still can use ultrasound to check the inner tissue of her right breast.

The earlier a breast cancer is detected, the better the outcome result will be..
A2this is a very good medium to explore different people with different wiew on medicine,i understand your point,i also know that politics have a big hand in stopping alternative meds,i dont no any one that it worked for accept you,and i am happy for you/im also glade that you are felling better, past the word there are more people out there that this therapy might work--here in the(usa) there are so many people on TV an radio that say that they have the cure to all types of disease you dont know who to believe.I was trained in the conventional meds/therapy.If this type of medicine works,than the problem is that people are not using this therapy the right way,and we need more people like you to open there eyes to this--peace--mrfoot56
A3no problem, I know that I have started here an earthquake for some, but what i appreciate with you is, that you are open-minded and that you check the things i want to share here. i am a peaceful man. the trouble is i tell the things here i have learned during the last 12 years on congresses, seminars, courses worldwide. I know many doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, kineologists and therapists. Another thing is, I met also directors of asylums, talked to chief-doctors and so on. I have fear from nobody. The contrary happened always when I was in an asylum. Some doctors could not wait for long to bring me in another department, because they did not know how to handle me, because all patients were on my side when i told the medical crew the facts! I don't say that conventional medicine is nonsense. I would not be here without. It helped me, but till now it could never CURE me and this is the point! I thank you mrfoot56 to check me and to teach with me the community.

Q. Afraid I have breast cancer

Hi everyone, I’m 17 years old girl, usually healthy, except a rash I have for some time on my breast. It started on my left arm and then moved from to my left breast and it’s been there for several months. I also have weird white bumps around my nipple, and there’s some white material on the edge of my nipple. I know it’s a young age, but I’m worrying- fo you think it can be breast cancer? Thank you
A1Since most of the things you describe are on the skin, seeing a dermatologist may also be a good idea. Take care!
Breast cancer is extremely rare at your age, so the chance that the rash you have represent cancer are very low. Nevertheless, if you’re worried about it’ you should consult your doctor to make sure you don’t have any thing.
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