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Q. I get the most from her company than from the bottle.

My wife is 2 months pregnant. I love to drink only if she gives company. I get the most from her company than from the bottle. Is it okay to drink when pregnant?
A1If you love your wife, you ought not drink in front of her. She shouldn't be drinking either, for the health of the baby. After all, what the mother consumes, the baby does too. I don't think there is a magic filter protecting the baby other than what the mother does. I wish you both well.
A2I think you are talking about your wife drinking with you,If you are you shouldnt drink/or do drugs ANYTIME when she is pregnant,alcohol has been proven to cause birth defects,If you love your wife an i know you do dont drink with her--what she does for the next 7 months will determen how healthy your baby is.I WISH YOU LUCK--mrfoot56--peace
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