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Q. Is a bone tumor cancer?

My son is 10 years old and his Doctor found a tumor on his bone in an x-ray he did to him. Is this cancer?
AA bone tumor doesn't necessarily mean cancer. It could be a benign tumor and not a cancer one. Your son's doctor may then obtain a biopsy sample of the tumor. This involves taking a small sample of the tumor that can be examined in the laboratory to determine what kind of tumor it is. The biopsy can be obtained either through a small needle (needle biopsy) or through a small incision (incisional biopsy).

Q. is bone loss related to Arthritis?

AIt depends on the kind of arthritis. In some arthritic diseases there's local bone loss, and generalized bone loss (osteoporosis) may result from steroids used to treat arthritic diseases.

You may read more here:

Q. I have constant pain on my feet more on my bones than anything,do I have arthritis?

I do already have plantar fascictis
AChronic arthritis is a disease of the elderly and it isn't common to suffer from it in young age, however joint pain or bone pain can be caused by several other reasons, that might not be chronic, such as an infection, excessive physical activity or such. You should see a doctor to evaluate the pain and joint movement. He/ she might send you to do an x-ray to see if there's something they can see that is wrong with the joint or bone (dislocation or fracture).

Q. i have a small cack in my back bone wht is the recovery time for it

it just feels like a dull ache
Ait can take 3-5 weeks. depends on many things, like age,gender etc.

Q. What is a bone marrow transplant?

I wanted to enter myself as a potential bone marrow donor and wanted to know first of all what bone marrow is? What does a bone marrow transplant mean and how is it done?
A1Bone marrow is a soft, fatty tissue inside the bones. This is where blood cells are produced, and where they develop. Transplanted bone marrow will restore production of white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. Donated bone marrow must match the patient's tissue type. It can be taken from the patient, a living relative (usually a brother or a sister), or from an unrelated donor. Donors are matched through special blood tests called HLA tissue typing. Bone marrow is taken from the donor in the operating room while the donor is unconscious and pain-free (under general anesthesia). Some of the donor's bone marrow is removed from the top of the hip bone. The bone marrow is filtered, treated, and transplanted immediately or frozen and stored for later use. Transplant marrow is transfused into the patient through a vein (IV) and is naturally carried into the bone cavities where it grows to replace the old bone marrow.
A2First of all I wanted to say that bone marrow transplants are very important and can save lives and good for you for wanting to donate bone marrow!
Also, I saw this video that talks about bone marrow that could help you understand it a bit better:

Q. is there is any relation between not enough acid and arthritis?is bone loss is another factor in this decease?

ADo you refer to less of acid secretion in the stomach (hypochlorhydia)? If so, then sjogren syndrome is a disease that cause both lack of acid in the stomach (due to chronic inflammation of the stomach, called atrophic gastritis) and arthritis (sometimes osteoarthritis).

Bone loss (osteoporosis) is actually associated with LOWER risk for osteoarthritis, although it has its own detrimental effects, so one should treat osteoporosis (and prevent osteoarthritis in other ways).

Q. Wake up at night with severe pains in the bones of lower leg

I have had back problems for many years.
A1Could be something as simple as not enough water or calcium but you should see a Dr. Shin splints also comes to mind.
A2heneryStar is right it could be alot of things of the things that caused mine was herniated disc pressing on a nerve, the fibro I suffer from I have "restless" leg could be alot of things and I urge you to get it checked. Lower back pain and leg pain seem to go hand in hand after a time.
Good Luck!
A3could be million things- leg pain can be caused by so many things- blood clots that caused a local gangrene in the hip bone. you slept on your leg and now it's painful, nerve damage...relly- about million very different conditions. to have any clue about what it could be you need to give a lot more info. for how long? is it painful now? how local is it? that sort of thing. if it still continue tomorrow- i'de go and check it up.
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