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Q. does serratrol thin your blood?

Ai don't know about blood thinning but i do know that when i looked for information about it (i looked for an alternative medicine for my mother) i found out this review about it:

according to this after reviewing 34 researches done on serratrol - they found no evidence supporting the claim it helps.

Q. what are Blood thiners

what pilles are blood thinners
Aanticoagulants, given in order to avoid blood clots in your systems. some heard conditions (for example) like damaged valves can cause blood to clot on them and then there's a big risk that it'll detach itself and move around your body until it'll get stuck and block the blood vessel. can be blood vessels to the leg, hand,lungs or even brain. the most well known anticoagulants are Warfarin and Low Molecular Heparin (which is given in a shot not per os like WArfarin).
hope i helped :)

Q. how can i reduce my blood pressure?

AThe main steps in lowering high blood pressure is to take some very important changes in lifestyle- consuming much less salt in food, losing weight and exercising regulary. If this doesn't help (and usually it doesn't help mainly when people don't try hard enought and make an effort), medications can be added to control the blood pressure.

Q. What causes blood clots?

My father had a heart attack which was caused by a blood clot. Am I at risk for developing blood clots too? How do I prevent it from happening?
A1I found a website that checks your risks for inheriting your family's illness, including blood clots. They have a test you can do which is called "Free Risk Assessment for Thrombophilia":
A2If your Father has a history of blood clots, you might have inherited thrombophilia (a predisposition for blood clotting). Also, the older you get the risks for developing blood clots, increases.
In order to prevent blood clots, it is important to reduce or quit smoking and to control high blood pressure. High cholesterol levels also present a risk for blood clots and may be checked by your doctor. A healthy diet and regular exercise also help to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Q. Why do alcoholics spew blood?

I saw someone vomiting blood and my brother said it is because he’s an alcoholic but couldn’t explain why…
A1Alcohol affects many different things in the body. This sounds very serious and he probably needs immediate medical attention. When your body is trying to process something that is harming it at the same time, many things are going on and being destroyed.
A2Because alcohol destroys the liver and causes Cirrhosis of the liver, it rises the blood pressure in veins that end up in the liver (it collect blood from the intestine, esophagus, spleen etc. the veins grow because of the on going pressure and become weak. When it happens in the esophagus – it rips now and then and then you have blood in your vomit.
A3Could be because of gastric problems. I know alcoholism can give you gastric ulcers – could be blood from them…but I’m not sure…

Q. Can blood cancer be transmitted?

If I, let’s just say, cut my self. Then someone’s blood came in contact of my wound. Can I get blood cancer too? Is it like AIDS?
A1Cancer is not contagious not even hereditary, but always protect yourself and stay away from touching or getting in close contact with other people's blood.
A2No. AIDS is caused by a virus, it is the advanced syndrome accompanying HIV Virus, the shut-down of the subject's immune system. The subject then succumbs to a infection that the rest of us would simply shrug off.

Leukemia is a genetic or acquired condition that is not caused by a virus in any way, so is NOT transmittable. There have been "Leukemia cluster" a marked percentage of (usually) children in a given location who acquire Leukemia. This is usually attributed to local conditions such as the fact that the elementary school they all went to was located under a high-tension power line or such.
Answer: you cannot "Get" Leukemia from a person.
A3Man this is very scary to me!

Q. is there a blood test for melatonin

ATechnically there is but it is not a simple blood test and will not be done on a regular basis, and is probably very expenisve also.
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