Patient discussion about birth weight

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Q. what is the normal weight of a baby? what does it say if one weights less or more

than the normal ?
AHere is a site I use very often, and this is the page concerning infants' growth and development. Because it's a statistical measure changing from different ages and races, you might find an answer there. It's all videos of pediatricians lectures:

Q. what is the right weight for a baby who just has been norn to weight ?

AThe average weight for a newborn is 2.5 - 4 kilos. A baby that weighs less than 2.5 kilos is considered 'small for gestational age' and a baby that is born over 4 kilos is considererd 'large for gestational age'.

Q. How to loss weight

like a diet with tea,pills or other kind of healthy thing.
A1drink 8 oz of warm water with 1 tablespoon of lemon... first thing in the morning
A2there is no easy way to loose weight. if there was a magical tea doing so- there weren't any obesity in the world. all teas ant pills are eventually the same thing- laxatives...which is not a good way to loose weight. sport, healthy and balanced diet. that's your only way to loose weight healthily.
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