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Q. My friend has Progressive MS, he is bound to a wheelchair, Prognosis? How can I help?

He must be moved by a Hoyer Lift, he has caregivers. He has a beautiful voice and does have enough ability to move in his chair around local community. He has some bad days with spacicity, I want to help but am unsure as to how? He is 60? or so and lives on his own, he has had MS for many years and a number of complications, such as pneumonia and decubitus. Please help me to help him!
A1There are a number of ideas and resources for social and recreational activities (i.e. wheelchair sports, dancing, travel, aviation, etc.) that may be helpful, which can be found at
A2from my experience a lot of MS patients develop depression. they are trapped in a prison of their own body. pretty frustrating condition. try helping him fight it. be a good friend. help him go out, see a movie, go drinking with him, maybe help him fulfill a wish he had.
don't let his situation get you upset, you wouldn't be able to help him or yourself.
i really hope i helped in any way!!!
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