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Q. Social Anxiety

I have found myself wondering more and more about social anxiety. My partner seemed to develop social anxiety around the same time she was diagnosed bipolar. i am wondering how many of you also suffer from soical anxiety and if you feel it is a result of bipolar disorder (perhaps personal knowledge of the possible behaviours associated with the illness) or if it is a seperate and unrelated symptom?
social anxiety disorder is best defeated by groups like
the Toastmasters International or the dale carnegie course.
The nwork without drugs
A2Methinks all these brain disorders have everything to do with a lack of copper. With all our modern technology and artificial fertilizers and processing of foods, the food has become so depleted of minerals that our bodies and brains have become so depleted that we cannot even function properly. Start taking kelp, calcium magnesium, cod liver oil, flax seed oil, and raw apple cider vinegar. This will bring healing and normal function to the brain and body systems. The emotions will calm down and be more manageable. If you are taking a vitamin with more manganese than copper it will add to the dysfunction. Don't waste your money. There you are! Some solutions rather than more rhetoric about the problem.
A3social anxiety can exist in the same time as bipolar disorder. bipolar disorder can become very dangerious. for example it can happen that the person will during many days or even weeks sleepless. if your partner smokes he/she use already a drug with a similar effect like neuroleptica. do you know what bipolar disorder is? such persons live extreme phases of euphorisms and depressions in short periods. if you take no care, the person with bipolar disorder will soon have to visit an asylum (deliberately or by force). social anxiety can result because this person has her solarplexus too much open. he/she feels everything around her and can appear in its behaviour like a little child. so it could be that the chakras do not work in harmony at all. that one of the seven main chakras it too much open or closed. it is difficult to find doctors with sufficient knowledge about these subjects. anthropologists could be a great help.

Q. what about opiod use in anxiety and depression?

vicodin, anxiety, depression
A2i go to amethadone clinic and i am glad that i am glad that i am no longer on the opiates BUT I AM NOW VERY ANXIOUS!!! EVEN WITH THE ATIVIN
A3get off the vicodin !!!! i'm bipolar and i self medicated ....what works for me now ?? ammino acids,vitamin b complex,omega 3 (fish oil) cut out caffine/taurine a healthy diet & lots of excersize you just take baby steps toward this goal but its so worth it. the excersize is very important ... i had anxiety attacks daily i could not function now im ok opiates!!!!!!!!!! that will make u depressed possibly suicidal ... i've been there a recovering addict!!!!

Q. what are anxiety symptoms for a teen?

before i get to school my heart beats really fast when i talk to someone i somtimes get hot or start to sweat. i dont feel like myself i also don't talk to some people anymore because i'm scared its going to be akward..
A1Sounds like social anxiety.The butterflies people get when getting ready to speak in front of a group, for example. Start off by talking to one person at a time. and build up from there.
A2In my last two years of high school I started getting nervous and then eventually just blacking out when I got in from the parking lot. After having taken medications for anxiety, I strongly recommend you take Blackwell's advice and try talking to people you trust first. Medications were not able to help me and actually made things worse, but then again I get side effects from Tylenol. In the end I got over the anxiety attacks with meditation and re-associative conditioning. If you are able to slow your thoughts down a bit when you get nervous you might be able to figure out your trigger, ie what is causing the anxiety.
A3don't take it too hard hun. it happens, you are not crazy or anything, this is a normal reaction of our body that went wrong. what might help you is talking to a good friend or an intelligent grownup about it. Talk to your family Dr. about it if you can’t find anyone. Just tell your mother you fill sick and you want to see the Dr. if you afraid to talk to her about it. Please try to avoid medication if possible. And main thing- understand that nothing is wrong here and you are fine- you just need to go threw with this with a helping hand.

Q. how can you get rid of anxiety attacks

A1Meditation helped me get over mine a great deal. Also, my anxiety attacks were deeply tied to school so I used an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) technique to associate positive things with school and negative things to not going.
A2Correct breathing has a lot to do with relaxing and ending the attack or avoiding it:
A3I think it'd be best to consult a professional - there are some good treatments that could help you, like practicing with a psychologist (called CBT, or using medications (

Take care,

Q. Could be I’ve been having an anxiety attack?

My husband is deployed right now; he's been gone for about 2.5 months. I was fine at first, but lately I have started having anxiety. At least I think that's what it is, I've never experienced this before. I get these nagging worries in my mind that just won't quit, and then I start to feel it all over my body like an aching... its difficult to describe. Anyway, I feel like I want to go to my doctor about this, but I am afraid he will see me as just someone trying to get a pill for something. But It also affecting my sleep and my well-being. What should I do? Are there any natural remedies for anxiety that I could try?
A1You can get over it, but you’ll need support. Talk with a friend of yours, pick a “not hysteric one” and tell her about it. If you know other women of other soldiers in his platoon- talk with them and they’ll understand you. Most of the time it’s just a phase and it’ll pass away. Got to a massage with a friend, shopping, anything fun. Talk with your husband and let him calm you down. If all this doesn’t work- talk to your Dr. and I’m sure he’ll understand.
A2Sounds like anxiety to me. one of the things you can do is to stop trying to fight the anxiety. you try to fight it, and because you can't get it to stop, you feel more anxious it’s a vicious cycle . basically, when you are feeling anxious, acknowledge that you are experiencing anxiety - don't try to reason with it, or convince yourself otherwise - just say to yourself, 'I’m feeling a little anxious right now - it will pass'. It’s just chemicals in your brain eventually. If it doesn’t stop and only get’s worse – go see the Dr.

Q. What is Bipolar disorder? How is it different from depression/anxiety?

How is Bipolar Disorder different from social anxiety & depression? How do you tell the difference?? What are the different symptoms? How is it diagnosed? Is this disorder treated the same way as anxiety & depression?
A1What Kasey mentions touches one of the biggest problems with Bipolar disorder. The treatments for Bi often have unpleasant side effects (nausia, weight gain, etc.). That coupled with the fact that mood stabilizers and anti-convlusants take away the (often pleasant) highs of manias, making a bipolar person (used to dramatic emotions) feel bland and bored, unable to feel as "happy" as they did during mania. Bipolar patients are NOTORIOUS for going off their meds as soon as they are stabilized (to escape side effects) Or even when they are not stabilized (to escape the numb feeling, hoping to return to mania).
A2I tried the Lithium , gained alot of fluid weight quick and because there is a very fine line between therapeutic and lethal with Lithium , I changed to DEPAKOTE COMBINED WITH PROZAC . depakote still requires blood levels but is much safer than Lithium. ... If one is able, and responds well, neurontin is a good one bevcause it does not process through the liver like the others do.
A3The treatments for Bipolar disorder are different from those for dep/anx in some very important ways. The traditional medication for depression is a family of psychtropic (working on the level of the brain) drugs called Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) This is great and pretty effective for depression and Generalized anxiety, but just about the LAST thing that a bipolar person needs. Taking an SSRI (e.g. prozac, lexapro) can sometimes spike a bipolar person from the depression into a mania. This happened to me when I was first being diagnosed with Bip II Disorder and I was manic for a month--I ended up failing a bunch of classes.

Thats one way of getting your diagnosis: though I don't recommend it.

Bipolar is usually treated with a mood stabilizer (lithium is the oldest and most well known stabilizer)

Good Luck, hope that was helpful!

Q. how can i deal with my newly found pulic speaking anxiety?

A1From what I understand, some studies have shown that more people harbor a fear of public speaking than do of death.
My best advice would be to begin by practicing speaking before a mirror, picturing someone else's face. Then try speaking before friends.
Community colleges and adult learning programs often have classes/workshops on speech, and I personally found such a class to have been extremely valuable.
Best of luck to you.
A2Well, it really depends on how severe this anxiety is. Does is bother you every day? Does it keep you from doing things you would otherwise do such as meet up with people, friends or co-workers? If so, I would suggest you will seek medical/psychiatric/physcological care, because talking to someone about it may help you overcome this anxiety, and decide maybe you can benefit from medications. Cognitive behavioural therapy is nowadays a very good acceptable treatment in specific phobias, such as public phobia.
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