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Q. What are the causes of aneurysm?

A1An aneurysm is usually a congenital malformation of the blood vessels (meaning you are born with it), and there's not a certain cause for it, although high blood pressure, stress or atherosclerosis can trigger it to rupture and that is the danger.
A2An aneurysm can result from atherosclerosis (hardening and narrowing of the inside of arteries). As atherosclerosis develops, the artery walls become thick and damaged and lose their normal inner lining. This damaged area of artery can stretch or "balloon" from the pressure of blood flow inside the artery, resulting in an aneurysm.

An aneurysm also can develop from constant high blood pressure inside an artery.

A thoracic aortic aneurysm can result from an injury to the chest (for example, an injury that occurs from an auto crash). Certain medical conditions, such as Marfan syndrome, that weaken the body's connective tissues, also can cause aneurysms.

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Q. Can an aneurysm repair it self on her own?

A friend of mine was diagnosed with an aneurysm. At first he was sure he is going to have a surgery, but afterwards his doctor told him he should get medical treatment. I don't understand - how come some people need a surgical repair while others just take medications? I know this is a serious condition that is life threatening can an aneurysm repair it self on her own? Or maybe when his doctor didn't recommend surgery he malpractices? the reason that I ask is that all the other people that I heard of that had an aneurysm had a surgery, and I don't really trust this doctor.
A1There can be several reasons why an aneurysm is not operatable. It can be its anatomic location, it can be its size or maybe its just to dangerus to oprate because of other diseases your friend suffer from.
Anyway if you want you can go to your GP and ask him why didn't he offer you the surgical treatment.
A2It is not clear where is the aneurysm. One's aneurysm can be in his thorax his abdomen his brain and so on. As far as I know most aneurysm are aortic, and there are guidelines about the treatment.
When my husband was diagnosed with an aneurysm, our physician told us we have to main treatment options, surgical and medical, and that he recommended the medical, because my husband might not survive the surgery.

Q. Could I be going through a Brain aneurysm?

i woke up in the night with a bad headache in the back of my head and above my eye. never had a headache like that. but all day today have not had the headache. could this be an aneurysm?
A1I had an brain anyuism in 2001. I had a head ache right above my left eye for 10 days. It got worse as the days went by. I went in to the emergency room and they gave me a spinal tap and it ruptured.Thank God that it cloted (that dos'nt happen). But it did and they did emergency surgury. I am alive and back to normal today. My parents both died of brain anyuisms. That is how huretaty starts.
A2An Aneurysm is when a blood vessel just pops out in you’re brain. Very ironically, there are no sensory nerves inside the brain and the headache that comes with aneurysm is when the brain starts pressuring the material that surrounds it. That means this will be a later symptoms and you’ll probably have a paralyses before, or have problem speaking and things like that. If you are not convinced – you can go to the hospital and ask for a scan.
A3You probably have a sinuses infection…or just a plain migraine. Anyway, aneurysm is a serious thing. You probably wouldn’t walk all day with aneurysm, it usually comes with neurological symptoms that you can’t ignore like paralyses in different organs.

Q. A friend of mine is suffering from Marfan's syndrome. Should she do any test to check for an aneurysm?

My friend is 26 years old and suffers from Marfan's syndrome for all her life. She was told she has a greater risk factor for having an aneurysm. Does she needs any screening for this condition?
A1It is very important to talk with your physician about this. My wife has marfan and we were not aware about the risk of pregnancy in this situation, and she developed an aneurysm. The regular screening is not enough and before life changing decisions you should do another screening.
A2Screening for aneurysms should be done if someone has a greater risk for it. In this case your friend should go to her GP and he will advise her about the frequency of the screening test.

Q. Is there a good screening test for aortic abdominal aneurysm?

A friend of mine was diagnosed with an aortic abdominal aneurysm. I am afraid i might have this condition too. is there any screening test that is good for me?
A1Today there are "mobile" testing centers that charge to use ultrasound technology to detect such things as AAA. I would highly recommend it only because it can act as a preventative measure. I am 50 years old and just suffered a ruptured AAA that very nearly killed me. I was the fortunate one. This very possibly could have detected it before it actually ruptured. You may want to check in your local areas for these mobile testing centers.
A2There is no "good" screening.
The idea of screening is a test that will be good for everyone and will identify the disease.
When I asked my GP about aortic abdominal aneurysm few years ago he said that there is no good screening for the general population. But it was 4 or 5 years ago maybe some things changed.
A3The answer to your question depends on your age your sex and your history of smoking. 3 years ago when my husband was diagnosed with an aortic abdominal aneurysm our GP said that the screening is good only for males age 65-75 that smoke.
Go to your GP and ask him even if you are not in those criteria, maybe the rules have changed.

Q. Can I have a MRI of the knee if I have hemostatic clips in the brain?(also called aneurysm clips)?

A1How about a CAT scan of the knee?, I wonder if it would be an appropriate diagnostic tool, I suspect problems with a lateral meniscus.
A2my grandma had the same problem- they said no... but from a good reason. think of it, it's a giant and powerful magnet. you have metallic clips that hold an aneurysm in the brain. if it'll move and tear up the blood vessels- your knee will be the least of your problems.
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