Patient discussion about amputation

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Q. Why do you have to amputate legs in Diabetic patients?

And how can I avoid that? I’ll appreciate an honest answer.
A1Here is a very detailed information about that, it has even some videos that gives an idea about how it happens:
there’s a link there to prevention too.
A2managing your diabetes is the best way to avoid it. also getting good Exercise is also key. keeping up with daily Exercise will keep the blood circulating, preventing the constriction of your blood vessels in the extremities.
A3One of the risks in high glucose levels in the blood is blood vessels narrowing. Blood vessels in the legs tend (from various reasons) to do so first. Then the nervous system over there stop passing on feel. You step on a thorn, don’t feel it and don’t notice it for a few days and things get so severe there is no way to save the leg and off it goes…a good way to avoid it? Manage your diabetes.
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