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Q. Alcoholism

Steve 26 yr old suffered with bi-polar and the related drugs that eventually lead to his over dose. He died in where he felt a connection to the intellectual environment. After suffering with Steve for so many years, I am convinced that this disease is genetic; his grandmother also suffered with drug addiction and a mental disorder, but had that gene that must have been inherited by Steve. Any one in the area of mental health and genetic engineering Research? We want to set up or get involved with public awareness on the devastation of this disease which kills 100+ thousands in this country each year; yet society treats it as a social problem -- The advancement of mental research has been slow almost medieval -- Please help. No one, no family should have to suffer the way my beautiful son suffered and who had so much to give to humanity.
A1I,m going to tell you a story: I was born in Newark,New Jersey in 1956,my sister was born 1953.Me an my sister were both born with mother liked to party alot with her friends,an my father drank at work sometimes an when he got home,every day at 5pm.One day when i was 6yrs old,my sister got sick(asthma attack). I remember my grand mother trying to get my mother to take my sister to the hospital,to call my father,finally when my sister almost stopped breath she was taken to the hospital-it was to late.If my parents had of been sober my sister would be here to day,This was my first exsperiance with ALCOHOL---growing up was not easy when i was young i used to go hide when my father came home(IT WAS VERY BAD) my father used to come home from work,get drunk an start to holla at my mother if denner was not the way he liked--he would holla,yell for no reason most of the time(THIS MAN WAS EVIL)--in those days people did not care about addiction like now-he is dead thank god?
A2i'm sorry to's a terrible disease indeed. i know s bi-polar person that killed himself in the same spot his son did few years back. horrible. but from what i know- there is a lot of research going on today on mental and brain health. here is a site that can keep you updated if you wish too.:

again- please accept my deepest sympathies .
A3Sorry to hear about your loss. Unfortunately it is rather common. They are working to identify the gene that they believe is passed down. I dont know much about it. I am sure you can research it online. Maybe you will consider going into service work in the name of your son. Sharing your experience, strength and hope with others can be a very healing process.My thoughts are with you and yours. God is with us!
I just saw an video in this site which will be very useful to you and to the others reading this :


what effect does it have on the digestive system?
AAlcohol may increase the risk of developing cancers of the digestive system, including mouth, esophagus, as well as large bowel cancer, pancreas and liver.

Alcohol is well known to damage the pancreas and the liver, important parts of the digestive tract.

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Q. alcoholism

I am 17 years old and I love to drink alcohol. I go out partying and drinking every night with my friends. How can I tell if I am an alcoholic or just like to drink?
A1At age 17, it may seem like fun to go out and party and get drunk every night, but its symptomatic that you have let your self cross over the line that leads to self destruction. You have already admitted that you are worried about becoming an alcoholic and being referred to as a "drunk". If that bothers you, you had better get help or stop. If it doesn't bother you that people see you as "a drunk", then there's no point in anyone making any further replies to your post. Sooner or later, something bad will surely happen, that may make you wise up. But for many alcoholics which includes me, they have to hit absolute "rock bottom". Your life will surely go "south" if you keep it up, until you either wise up because of the hangovers, or you get to the bitter end of your rope. The end of the rope could be any of the following: jail, death, car wreck, lose job, lose spouse through divorce, get thrown out of the house, get sick from heart disease, beco
A2I have a son your age and I would not want to know that he's drinking on such a large scale at such a young age, but I also know that if that is what he chose to do, trying to force him to stop would only make matters worse. Do you feel that it's necessary for you to drink to have fun? If that's the case, maybe you should really look at the friends you hang around with and what you want to do with your life. At 17, you should be focused on creating your life and drinking every night will not help you. I'm not your mother and I can't tell you what to do, but I can tell you that if you are drinking every day, you have already reached the alcoholic stage and you should really seek help before it's too late. You have your whole life ahead of you and alcohol will only bring you down.

Hoping all the best to you,
A3Alcoholism is a disease. It is often diagnosed more through behaviors and adverse effects on functioning than by specific medical symptoms.
Here is a link to a video that explains more about it:

Q. Is addiction confirms alcoholism?

my husband regularly takes alcohol. I am afraid whether he is addicted to alcohol….Is addiction confirms alcoholism?
A1JENNIF,check out the alcohol communitie,here------mrfoot56
A2If your husband can stop taking alcohol and does not take alcohol continuously and can care for his health and social impact which are overrun by the alcohol drunk people once, then he is not having alcoholism. But it doesn’t mean that he is not alcoholic. What I would suggest you is to check his social environment and emotional health to know the causes for high alcohol use ….and try to talk to him and make him understand the adverse effects of excess intake of alcohol. If there is something serious then meet the doctor for guidance.

Q. Is alcoholism hereditary?

A1what you said is true,but what if that diag is wrong,and people start to drink,those with alcohol addiction in ther family.Ithink that this diag gives people the idear that-if you dont drink while preg it OK. human become addicted to anything that makes them feel good,that why drugs are loved so much.I will keep an open mind but there is to much alcohol addiction in our society,if people think that ther is a way to get around addiction they will do it==i am not willing to let young people fill free to thing this is the way if your diag is wrong peopleYOUNG PEOPLE can loose there lives or chang it to the bad, alcohol detroys brain cells,and liver cells,I believe that if we HUMANS stop butting bad things in there body we as a society will need less health care--mrfoot56--send answer?
A2alcoholism is not hereditary. the main problem can result during the period of pregnancy. if the mother drunk a lot in this time, she could give some vulnerability to the child. alcoholism can result because the person is depressive. genes are not static like some scientists pretend. so be careful in what you believe and read.
A3HEY BIanca;that is very true,I think most people know that alcoholism is genetic also,an if you have family members that have had problems,it is best to stay away from it---but we all have free will,an we all dont do the right thing sometimes--I lived with a alcoholic(my father)an it was no fun,drink grape juich or something.mrfoot56

Q. What is the definition of Alcoholism?

A1Here is a list of definitions I came across:
A2various definitions exist; acute intoxication,central nervous system symtoms,dilated pupils,confusion agitation,sometimes coma cirrosis of the liver,gastritis ulcers pancreatitis an physical dependence--if you are addicted withdrawals can be a life threatening condition occurring 48hrs after your last drink--tremers,hypothermia an coma
"Physical dependence on alcohol to the extent that stopping alcohol use will bring on withdrawal symptoms. In popular and therapeutic parlance, the term may also be used to refer to ingrained drinking habits that cause health or social problems."

Q. ALCOHOL(drug)

can acute intoxication cause coma?
AYes. Levels of over 400 mg/dL may cause coma, although the precise level depends on many factors such as weight, gender, past drinking habits etc. Eventually, if you'll drink enough, you'll end up in a coma.

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