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Q. My 11 y/o son eyes appear to have a slight yellow in the whites toward the corners.

I am assuming he will need blood work, but does anyone have any idea what may be the cause?
AIf it's not a spot, but rather a diffuse color, it may be jaundice - high levels in the blood of a substance called bilirubin (

If your child is generally healthy, and this change appeared without any overt problem (e.g. liver disease or blood problem), or your child had fever or fasted recently, this jaundice may represents Gilbert syndrome. It's a syndrome of slightly elevated levels of bilirubin, and considered not dangerous.

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Q. I drink liquor a lot maybe 4x a week and I love drinking but after a couple days my veins star to hurt...Y?

It runs in the familly alcohol and bud but I wish I could go a whole year withought poppin bottles.. what will be perscibed to a alki?
A2Alcohol dilates (widens) the veins and therefore more blood flows through them. This can cause the pain you are having. I suggest you cut back on your alcohol!
A3your veins start to hurt cause you drink to much so try cutting off a little bit and see how it turns out
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