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Q. When should I stop?

As part of my efforts to lose weight, I worked a lot about accepting myself – that less-than-perfect body is also an acceptable option. And now, after losing weight but not reaching my ideal weight, I have these doubts- Should I continue my efforts to lose weight, although I feel good about my self? What do you think?
A1I truly believe that if you are happy with your weight loss, even though you say you have not reached your ideal weight or goal, be proud of who you are and what you have acomplished. There is no such thing as the perfect body image, at least not as far as i'm concerned. I feel that you have to love yourself for what's on the inside because the outside always changes (i.e. age, loss of hair, teeth, etc...) I had gastric bypass in 2005 and lost 90 lbs. I still have not reached my goal of 125-127 lbs. where I used to be 10 years ago, but I love "who" I am today. I am 140 lbs. of fantastic and some days I look at me and feel different but feel blessed that I am healthy and alive...Hope this helps
A2As said earlier, trying to lose weight means *changing our life style*, so in some way we’ll never stop our efforts - but eventually our efforts may become our new natural lifestyle. Good luck!
A3If ceasing your efforts mean you’ll no longer control what you eat, it means that you’ll probably not stay in this weight but rather gain weight. Maybe you should let yourself more loosely from time to time, but still remain under control.

Q. Is there a way stopping caries progress?

I'm 17 and I've recently noticed I have chalky white spots on the back of two of my teeth at the bottom. I go to the dentist regularly (I have braces at the minute) and I'm assuming he's seen them but he hasn't mentioned them. I'm just curious as to weather caries are treatable? Is there anything my dentist can do to stop it progressing into something worse?
A1Caries starts by demineralization of the enamel. The enamel is the hardest material in our body. The bacteria gets the mineral out of it and it becomes weak. Start as white color and continues to a black unpleasant color as it progresses into the tooth. If you rinse your mouth often with fluoride and brush your teeth properly- it will stop the demineralization and the fluoride will take the place of other minerals in the enamel. This will stop the caries and the white spot will slowly becomes black. This is a good situation- it’ll be harder then before.
A2Caries start as white spot lesions on the tooth. It’s not always caries…but some of the times. Dentists can sure stop it- and you also. All you have to do is maintain good oral hygiene, and do fluoride rinses often. That will stop the caries.

Q. What happens if I stop taking the lithium?

The lithium do me bad. If I stop- everything will be o.k?
A1I know what you think- I’ll stop it and I’ll be back to normal life, the hypomania, work all the time, doing friends, getting things worked out. But it won’t happen. You’ll just find yourself at best sitting at home for months without cleaning, bathing and all that. at worse- well…scattered all over..
A2This is the worse thing that can happen. You can find yourself in a severe depression you never experienced before. Could be even lethal. I know what you feel – but it’ll be very bad. Don’t do that.
A3i know someone that stopped the Lithium without a warning. he ricochet so badly into depression that it took about 6 months to get him out of it. he stayed at home and wouldn't take calls for a month, people started worrying. he's apartment was in a very bad state. garbage everywhere, dirty, he didn't take any shower for a month...ooouughh...just thinking of that makes me sick. he is fine now- but it could have ended even worse.
so as Irus and JennJ said- it would be a very bad idea doing that without your doctor being a part of it.


Athe Pancreas does not have sensory nerves in it. this is the reason why pancreas cancer is the most deadly- you don't realize it's there until it's much too late. so this pain you describe does not ad up to be from the Pancreas.
i think this is a very good reason to see a Doctor.

Q. Can I stop taking my Antibiotics?

The Doctor prescribed me Antibiotics for 10 days. I have been taking them for 5 days and feel better. Can I stop taking them?
A1you need to take all of your pills,if not it could come back.
A2No, you should not stop medication in the middle. There is a reason the Doctor said to take it for 10 days. Stopping in the middle could cause complications and help the bacteria develop resistance to Antibiotics.

Q. How you stop urinating frequently?

I don't have any conditions that make me urinate often. I simply drink lots of water... Is there some trick I can employ so that I can still drink lots of water but not have to go to the bathroom so frequently?
A1I only drink water and green tea, Thanks.
A2Unfortunately, unless you can adjust yourself to not having to go so often and simply hold it, there's no trick for you to keep drinking as much without needing to void... Our kidneys do their job very well and that is to be thankful for... You can reduce the amounts of caffeine you consume (drinks like coke, coffee, etc. are known to be very urinating).

Q. what can i do to stop smoking?

i have tried but keep on going back.what can help this
A1Dominicus is right-get a book on what smoking does to you/your lungs-I have had patients that got lung cancer from smoking an died?-it is not pretty-i dont know if you have children/grand children but i am sure that you would like to live long enough to injoy them STOP SMOKING.
A2there are many methods- conventional (nicotine patches, medication) and alternative (acupuncture, biofeedback etc.) but from what I've seen and tried- the best way is just stop. when you are so disgusted from that nasty habit and from yourself, then you just stop one day. not "cutting down" or "smoking only socially". just stop.
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