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Q. What happen if you have ADHD and stop taking Ritalin?

My niece was recently diagnosed as having ADHD. If her parents decide to give her Ritalin, will she be able to stop taking the medication after a while?
A1her parents should do the right thing and take her to a naturopath
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A2About 80 percent of children who need medication for ADHD still need it as teenagers. Over 50 percent need medication as adults. you can stop the ritalin but acording to the therapist orders. there are other treatments, alternative ones that you can try like biofeedback, that can help at least lowering the dependancy to ritalin.
A3so basically, if she is 8 now she will have to take it for at least 10 years now? what's the role of adolescence in the story?

Q. is ritalin dangerous if you don't have adhd??

I'm having some concentration problems and thought about taking ritalin. is it bad for me??
A1ok I get the idea more or less...shouldn't touch it without doctor's recommandation...but would he give it to me if I don't have ADHD and just find it really hard to concentrate?
A2Every drug have side effects. Ritalin can cause loss apetite and sleep.
There several deaths on a ritalin-like drug, Concerta. Most doctors, now get a cardiac clearance and/or ECG before prescribing any ADD meds.
SCA (sudden cardiac arrest) and WPW may be linked to these deaths.

Video link to EKG and ADD meds:



Q. Can certain fruits/veggies make Ritalin less effective?

I've heard this about oranges and lemons - is it true? How about other produce? How much does it weaken Ritalin? Will taking a higher dose resolve the problem? (I currently take 10mg morning and 10mg afternoon)
AAs far as I know, oranges and lemons don't affect Ritalin. However, taking the Ritalin with food may increase the amount of drug that actually get into your body, but it depends on the specific formulation (e.g. Concerta isn't affected by food). One that takes Ritalin should avoid alcoholic drinks, since it may cause decrease activity of the brain, and also should avoid herbs of several kinds (yohimbine and ephedra).

THIS IS ONLY A GENERAL ADVICE - I haven't seen you or checked you, so if you have any concerns than you should consult a doctor.

Q. My child, who has dypraxia, passed both TOVA & BRC. Help, I don't want to put him on ritalin but feel pres

Since age 4 my child has received OT, ST and Physiotherpy. He is now 81/2 and has difficulties at school. Last year, after years of therapy, we went to a private Neuro Developmental Physiotherapist and she diagnosed him with Dyspraxia. I thought that my son was good at sport, but when she asked him to do the simplest of task like stand on one leg, or walk one foot infront of the other, he had great difficulty. He has diffculty processing information or thoughts and turning them into actions. This is especially evident in copying from the blackboard. His handwriting is extremely poor, even after many years, at much expence, of intense OT. His attention span is very poor, he daydreams and shuts down in class. The slightest noise, knock on the door, ticking clock etc wil break his concentration. He has passed both TOVA and BRC test, yet I am still under pressure from the school to put him on ritalin. I feel his concentration & attention problems are due to his Dyspraxia. Help
A1ritalin is not a sedative,it acts as a sedative in hyperative people.--methylphenidate is the same as ritalin but is cheeper. i know you are a good parent but sometimes you have to listen to the dr an therapist that work with these kinds of disorders.think about how this effects your child now--later on in life it might cause him to not go to college or get a job,not to say anything about his pears at school. there are a lot of other proplems with this disorder.
A2ritalin is not a sedative. it affects people who has an imbalance in Dopamine in the brain. it hardly do something to people who don't. people try avoiding it (and from a good reason- no need to give it if it won't help) but some of the cases it's the best thing that happens to the boy (i've seen it in many cases). he can focus at class and out of it. if 2 professionals told you it might help- i see no reason why you can't even try. try retalin and continue with speech and physio-therapy. if you won't see any change- consult with the Dr. and stop it.
A3Believe me I have asked a professional. I have been to two neuro specialists. Unfortunately, although they think my son's case is "interesting", their only suggestion is to treat the innatentive part of his disorder with ritalin. My son is very bright and does well in exams, he is not hyperactive or impulsive and behaves impecably so I do not see any reason to put him on a sedative. Putting him on ritalin will not help him write any faster, help his recall ability, structural or organizational abilities - that is dyspraxia!

Q. Can ADHD and ADD medication harm you?

My son is diagnosed as an ADHD and the Dr. recommended taking Ritalin
A1My grandson, was just prescribe
"Stratera", and I'm a little afraid to give it to him. Has anyone know where I can find out who child has taken this medication? and If it help his or her child?
A2McBride, Perhaps I missed it. Did the dr recommend that you should take the ritalin, or that he, the dr should take the ritalin or that your son should take the ritalin?
A3McBride, There is no test for add or adhd. The evaluation is subjective. One doctor may say he is and another may say he is not. Read about the medication. For the love of humanity you have the www at your fingertips. The concept behind the use of these drugs, and ritalin is one of the oldest in the family,( developed by the Germans during the war, if I remember correctly), is to have the child "stay on task". The meds are essentially "Speed". Try some and see how you feel. But, just because the doctor said does not make it so. This is your son, you love him, you want him to be happy and grow up to be a better man than you are. Be careful what he injests. Diet is very important. They keep doing the same studies over and over. Thirty years back they were sure that food coloring played a significant role in ADHD. A recent study says that food coloring plays a significant role in ADHD. Read what has to say about it. That might be a good starting point f
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