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Q. the R side of my stomach is hurting bad and it is going down my leg and in my back does that sound like this

AWell it all depends on how long these pains have been going on. If it is a matter of 1-2 days, this pain , if very very strong and accompanied by nausea or vomiting, can certainly be an acute appendicitis attack, which should make you hurry up to seek medical attention. If the pain is tolerable, and has been going on for more than few days, it is not compatible with appendicitis pain, but can be a lot of other reasons, for instance- gall bladder problems (for instance - stones) or renal stones.
Either way you have to see a doctor about this pain if you want proper diagnosis and treatment.

Q. how medications effect me side effects warfarin,s effect what does I and R mean

i have my I and R each week, what is it,s function..........
A1It depends what the heart condition is but probably not. Not being on warfarin may increase your risk of stroke. Most importantly you need to address this wuestion with the doctor that prescribe the warfarin to you.
A2i take 3 mg,s a day dr says it is because i have a heart condition,and that is only one i can use am bruised all over skin sore to the touch......would love to get off,of you think there is a alternivia
A3It is the INR or International Normalized Ratio. It is essential a measurement of how thin your blood is from taking the warfarin. Depending on why you are taking the warfarin the number is usually supposed to be between 2-3.5. I hope this helps.

Q. hey to all! jow r my adhd companeros doing today?? have you guys heard of anything ne in the alternative area?

I've heard adhd can spoil your nutrition by making you consume more sugar (and similars) than you really it true??
A1i have ADHD and for my part i eat less sugar than before because i have not the desire to. there are phases i love to eat some good swiss chocolate and then during a month or more i eat not sweet food anymore. another thing is that yo have sugar and sugar. white raffined sugar makes you more depending than biological unraffined sugar. it does also make your body more acide and gives caries. biological sugar is neutral and gives no caries! if you stop smoking you would love to eat sweet things. in this case you should drink some water instead to take a cookie or chocolate.
A2Reasonable, as it may accompany the other features of "less-organized" life of ADHD, but didn't found any official reference to it.
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