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Q. What is a physician assistant? What are the differences betwwen it and MD?

My son want to be a doctor (MD). I think it might be to hard for him. I know that there is something called physician assistant can someone elaborate more about this profession?
A1physician assistant are just like full doctors except they need a MD to sign some of the forms they have.
You can see more about the academic program here
A2Physician assistant is an academic degree that allows it owner to practice medicine under the supervision of a physician. The supervision can be direct but can also be very remote and based on telephone.
As a one that is married to a physician assistant I can say its a hard work, but it looks very interesting.

Q. What is the difference between MD an ND?

I saw an ad for some pain reliving therapy with the degree ND attached to the therapist name. Is it the same as MD? Is this therapist a doctor? What does it mean?
A1You can read more about it in wikipedia . You should notice that in many states this degree isn’t regulated, so essentially anyone can entitle himself as ND.
A2it can also be a typo :) the N button is just next to the M ...
A3No, it’s different from MD. MD is given to doctors that qualified from medical schools (which essentially teach western medicine). ND (Doctor of Naturopathy) is given to graduates of naturopathic medical school, which teach alternative medicine.
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