Patient discussion about Hallucinations

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Q. Give life to her please!

Here is a really confusing question to you all. But your reply is a life for her. I know someone who is bipolar and she thinks that her ‘brother’ sexually molested her when they were kids. Can this be a delusion? Or hallucinating?
A1Im going to answer this question a little different;What if she is telling the truth,and her brother is planning on no body believing her? because she has this disease?---keep that in mind when you take her to the DR--mrfoot56
A2When people hallucinate with bipolar, they see colors or static in the air or stuff like that. When people are delusional with bipolar they have a belief that they are really important for some reason or also that they can do things that aren't really possible. If a person says that they are molested by their sibling, bipolar doesn't change anything, unless they are manic and freaking out. A better questing would be: does this person lie a lot about things like this? Or, why might she say this. Don't take someone’s credibility away just because they're bipolar. However, in times of mania we tend to do some really crazy stuff. At least I did!
A3Yes - it could be, particularly if she was manic or severely depressed when the 'memory' occurred. Either way, she might want to explore this with therapy. Be wary - some therapists, often unintentionally, encourage the release of the 'memories' whether they're real or not. Will this help her?
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