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Q. Can Alcoholism makes you vulnerable to intestine infections?

A friend of mine is a heavy drinker, he had something like 5 infections in the past year. Is it connected?

A2Look son, I was a heavy drinker myself. I wasted 4 years of my life drinking my health bit by bit. When I found myself hospitalized for liver problems and almost needed a liver transplant my son offered a part of his to help me. I cried that whole night and swore I will never touch that thing again. It destroys not just your health…here is a link to a web page that talks about alcoholism related health issues:
A3Among all the bad things alcohol does to your body- it destroys your body natural defense system. It weakens it, making your whole body vulnerable to infections. Things that won’t even have bothered you before – could get you sick. In all sort of things, not just colon problems. For example, you can easily get meningitis, which is a serious illness that might even end up killing you.
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