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Q. Just want to know how meds could control depression esp Zoloft?

My son is on antidepressant zoloft ….and he is recovering well and I am thankful to doctor for that …….. just want to know how meds could control depression esp Zoloft?
A1My doctor says the help to add endorphins in the brain and it balances out your feel good mood. I can tell you that the right medication can really make a difference so don't give up.
A2A message is passed between the two nerve cell via a gap called synapse where the one nerve cell called presynaptic cell will leave the message in the form of chemicals called neurotransmitters in that gap and the receptors on the other cell takes them and pass the signal to the next cell and this way the signal reaches to the place it has to reach. After this the neurotransmitters are taken back by the presynaptic cell called reuptake. Some link has been found that if this reuptake is reduced the depression will be low and when Zoloft, which is selective serotonin (neurotransmitter) reuptake inhibitor, inhibits this serotonin for reuptake, its chances of stimulating other cell by binding will be high and the person depression lowers. Thanks.
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