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Q. Don’t I have the rights to take alcohol?

Don’t I have the rights to take alcohol? You people are not letting me to consume peacefully. Why do you count alcohol as a drug?
A1abrham;;everyone on imedix care about the problems that we here about?--you have the right to do whatever you want,BUT,somethings are bad for your health,it might not seem that way now,because you are still young,but for me i spent 25yrs in the medical field,an has seen first hand what alcohol can do to you and your family,--I LIVED WITH AN ALCOHOLIC(my father)for 22yrs,it has affected me allmy life,i have lost friends when in high school,because of young people drinking and driving--i spent half my life trying to keep people alive,---you can become an alcoholic sooner than you think,and that is when your life WILL CHANGE.Ihope this doesnt happen to you--please thing about what i have said-----mrfoot56---peace
A2alcohol in small amount is not bad for our body. but the bad thing is if someone is then addicted to alcohol. because in the long run, alcohol can damage some of your nervous system, and also your liver. so you will be just okay for another 5-10 years later, but how about another 20 years later?

as a conclusion, consuming alcohol wisely and only for specific reason will be okay, but excessive consumption of alcohol will absolutely bring your life down.
Stay healthy always..
A3Because we love and care about you. We want you to live long. Alcohol is a drug. It just happens to be legal to use and abuse it. Drugs are substances that alter some aspect of body function. So - for example, an antibiotic will help our immune system to kill bacteria; insulin will help a diabetic to control blood sugar levels; tranquillizers will depress brain activity and so reduce anxiety or assist sleep. Alcohol is a Central Nervous System depressant - it reduces activity in some of the higher brain centers. This can produce apparent stimulation by reducing anxiety and self-consciousness. So alcohol is a substance that can change the mental/emotional state of the user. It has a 'pay-off' in that it can temporarily remove mental or emotional discomfort - such as tension, anxiety, self-consciousness etc. A user will feel 'better'. So it's just another drug.

Q. I don’t want to go on non-vegetarian.

This is Tom Greg; I have been vegetarian for about eight months. Often I’m really feeling tired. I’m taking iron supplements but that does not seem to help. Can my vegetarian diet be the reason for getting tired? If so what can I do to stop it, I don’t want to go on non-vegetarian. Thank You.
A1it is a known fact that vegetarians knock at least 10 yrs off their lives just by being vegetarians. you must take in proteins and all the other minerals and vitamins your body and brian needs in order to function and survive. you cannot and will not make it on veggies alone. i know this because i am a doctor. and i would never suggest a vegetarian only diet to anyone. your body must have the vitamins and minerals found in meats and dairy products, no ifs ands or buts about it. if you are going to be strictly on veggies, then yes, you can expect to be tired, and slown down.
A2Awesome… Following a vegetarian food is not an easy one, but it is very good for your health instead of having meat and other. Does u drink milk? If not then please try having it. Also you could try taking fruits, when you feel tired. I am a non-vegetarian and most of the time I am having the feeling as you do of being tired. I do not think that being a vegetarian is not related with you being getting tired.

Q. I don’t have any idea about herbal medicine.

Hi! My 7 years old daughter is suffering from asthma and this gets severe with cold. I would like to know, is there any herbal medicine or syrup that my daughter can take for her asthma and cold. I don’t have any idea about herbal medicine. Thank You.
A1HELLO JUSTIN,their is herbal meds out there,to help people from getting a cold,because when a person with asthma-gets a cold,it will bring on a attack. once an asthma attack starts,you have to use conventional meds.bronchodilators(inhalers)-steroids-methylxanthines-and sometimes oxygen. Herbal meds work slower than conventional meds-you cant use them for a disease like asthma,because time is everything when a person has and asthma attack,because no one can predict how long an attack will last---my suggestion to you is to find a pulmonologist(DR).--not a regular dr. IF you can keep your child from getting a cold--from being around dust in the house-smoke--fumes,and some odors--an asthma attack can start from exertion(exercise-induced asthma)---foods/wine-some dyes found in candy(yellow dye)--aspirin some cheeses--spores-pollens,animal danders.If you decide to try herbal meds(PLEASE)check with your DR. first------mrfoot56
A2I’m 29 and I had asthma at my younger age. My mom took me to so many doctors but nothing really worked for me. At last my mom tried with herbal and she got success. I’m well now. But you have to get herbal meds only by the doctor and don’t try of your own.

Q. My fibromyalgia pain is terrible and I don’t smoke too. Will this be of any help?

My fibromyalgia pain is terrible that I started to take flaxseed oil and cod fish almost regularly to increase the omega-3alpha-linolenic acid in my diet to get some relief from the pain. I have stopped having junk foods and beverages. I don’t smoke too. Will this be of any help?
A1Undoubtedly this diet structure will benefit you in the long run and relieve your pain to a great extent. You must continue with the diet structure and say a strict NO No to beverages and other artificial foods. Along with good diet, you must go for massage therapy and massage therapy is proved beneficial among fibromyalgia sufferers. Keep you active as far as possible and engage yourself in any one activity or other to get relief from the pain. With regular movements muscle gets relaxed.
A2should help you a bit. you see, the whole disease is a kind of a mystery. but they know it has something to so with the immune system. so helping your immune system can help dealing with this retched disease. you did a smart move.

Q. I don’t like to take meds due to my kidney.

I have one kidney and another one was removed because of cancer. I can't sleep because my knees hurt so much, I don’t like to take meds due to my kidney. What can I do?
AHi, I think you need to visit your nearest TCM doctor and they would prescribe you with herbal meds which are made up of natural herbs. Herbal meds never cause any problem to your kidney. So you can try it. Soon you can get relived from your knees pain.

Q. I don’t know why doctor stopped the medicine and referred a psychiatrist.

My sister is bipolar manic depression and we are taking her for her psychotherapy sessions from past 1 month. We have not found any change as of now. I don’t know why doctor stopped the medicine and referred a psychiatrist. We have to meet our doctor again after 2 months, but I wanted to know before meeting him that would this be of any help without any medicines.
A1Perhaps the GP stopped medications and referred your sister to a psychiatrist so that the psychiatrist can give her new medications. Sometimes it is better for a psychiatrist to percsribe medications because they know more about the illness and the effective treatments. If the medications your GP perscribed were not working perhaps he/she thought it better to hand the case over to a psychiatrist. Try to be patient through this process I know it is frusterating. Be there for your sister and be patient with her and her symptoms, in time it will get better. Keep faith.
A2To be honest it is a chemical problem in brain and any psychiatrist will not be able to resolve it completely. Only medicines are the best. However what doctors do is that to keep the patients away from side effects; they give them psychiatric treatment and also they even try this with medicines. You need to understand that the good thing here is that it increases the coping skills among bipolar and even help in restoration of self esteem. I think your doctor is right and it would be much better for your sister to consult a psychiatrist.

Q. I do have a good diet and don’t feel any short in nutritional intake.

I do have a good diet and don’t feel any short in nutritional intake. Generally I sweat a lot and at times feel very tired when I sweat in excess. Do I get tired with sweating or is there anything that I need to know?
AI do believe that excess sweating burn calories. When ever your body heats up, you burn more calories. That is half the purpose of "diet" pills. It increases circulation, increases heart rate, and it takes energy for your body to release sweat. The exact amount of extra calories you burn, I do not know. I used to wear "sweat bags" when I was younger to make weight for sports and it seemed to do wonders, so if you think it helps that’s all that matters.
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