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Q. What is ovarian cyst and why is it painful?

Is that pathological? Dangerous? Need information please.
A1don’t worry- ovarian cyst is usually a natural thin. It shouldn’t be of a problem. And if you need to hear it from a gynecologist:

A2Sometimes while ovulating there are couple of egg cells that comes out instead of one and a sort of a “bubble” full of fluid covers it. Then it burst while the eggs exit it. That causes pain. It’s not dangerous for all I know any way…here is a link to an explanation about it:

Q. What is the treatment for an arachnoid cyst?

My 15 year old son has just been diagnosed with an arachnoid cyst. What is the treatment? Is an operation necessary?
A1An operation is not always necessary, it depends on the size and location of the cyst. I suggest you take your son to a neurologist or a neurosurgeon for further consult.
A2There has been active debate about how to treat arachnoid cysts. The need for treatment depends mostly upon the location and size of the cyst. If the cyst is small, not disturbing surrounding tissue, and not causing symptoms, some doctors will refrain from treatment. In the past, doctors placed shunts in the cyst to drain its fluid. Now with microneurosurgical techniques and endoscopic tools that allow for minimally invasive surgery, more doctors are opting to surgically remove the membranes of the cyst or open the cyst so its fluid can drain into the cerebrospinal fluid and be absorbed.

Q. What is pilonidal cyst?

A1very true, here is another site that may help you too:
A2A pilonidal cyst, also referred as sacrococcygeal fistula, is a blanket term for any type of skin infection near the tailbone. The condition is also referred as pilonidal sinus disease. It is usually painful.
This is a good site also:
Hope this helps.

Q. alternative treatment for bakers cysts

I have substantially sized bakers cysts behind each knee - have taken prednisone - this is the only way to get any relief from the pain - is there an alternative more holistic cure?
Ai don't know about alternative medicine treatments- but i know of treatments they do when they start to be painful:
* Physical therapy- Icing, a compression wrap, and crutches may help reduce pain and swelling. Gentle range-of-motion and strengthening exercises for the muscles around your knee may also help to reduce your symptoms and preserve knee function.
* Fluid drainage- Your doctor may drain the fluid from the knee joint using a needle. This is called needle aspiration and is often performed under ultrasound guidance.

hope it is what you are looking for...

Q. info on arachnoid cyst in the right posterior fossa

A1Basically it's like a small sac filled with fluid. The problem is that the skull is a rigid closed space, which means that if there's something other than the brain, it'll occupy space, usually on expense of the brains' space. These kinds of problems are often referred to as "space occupying lesion".

It's usually congenital (i.e. develops during pregnancy), and even when it cause symptoms they develop slowly.

YOu can read more here (
A2Posterior fossa cysts are one of the two most damaging kinds because of the structures underneath such as the cerebellum and brain stem and can cause other diseases. It can cause facial pain from pressure on the trigeminal nerve. Most people do not have any symptoms, but those that do, are prone to headaches.

You might could use this also:
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Q. My son was diagnosed with baker's cyst. Is he in a risk group for other articular diseases?

As far as I understand baker's cyst is a risk factor for other diseases. Is it true? Do we need to send him to some special screening tests?
ABaker's cyst is not a risk factor for articular diseases in children. You don't need any special screening test. Statistically the cyst will disappear after a while.

Q. Is there any problem, if an arachnoid cyst ,2cmx1.5cm size, rostral to cerebellar region left untreated?

symptoms: repeated headaches, twitching of muscles, tiredness
AAn arachnoid cyst that leads to symptoms usually needs treatment. Mild symptoms as you suggested are ok to left untreated however gradual onset of new symptoms may arise such as seizures, paralysis and other complications, therefore once symptoms occur one should consider treatment.
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