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Q. how do i get rid of boils

I have been plagued by boils for about 3 to 4 years now, i get a boil, go to the doctor, get antibiotics, take them for 10 days, and about a week later the boils are back. I came accoss this site a week ago and learned about (turmeric) i purchased some, i've been taking it and i still manage to get more boils, i have one existing boil right now and a new one is forming please help because i don't have health insurance and it cost to much to keep going to the doctor and getting medicine for boils only to have the boils occur back in a weeks time please help, demario y
A1Have you ever consulted a dermatologist (a doctor that specialize in skin problems)? He or she may diagnose the problem more accurately and address it better. What you describe may be acne or other disease that are treated by such doctors.

Anyway, you can find several suggestions about preventing boils here ( and here (
A2how to get rid of boils (turmeric doesn't work)

Q. hey how about having brown rice in place of white or boiled rice…….?

A1Brown rice is a good carb, plus I personally think it tastes delicious.
A2Yes…good it’s a very good source of manganese and other mineral like selenium. Brown rice is very good as compared to white rice. In white rice some nutrients are lost which must be included in our diet. They are mostly vitamin like B1, B3, B6, and iron, phosphorous. White rice also misses essential fatty acid and fiber.

Q. what should i do if i got burned from boiling water? how should i take care of my self? will i get a scar?

AooooOOOooo! i hope you are asking a hypothetic question... a friend wife of mine still got scars from a boiling water accident a few years back. anyway, here is a site that gives instructions on how to react after burns. boiling water is probably second degree burns:

Q. My dad was just burned from hot water what should he do to ease the pain?

My dad had just spilled hot tea on his thigh. Is there anything we can do to ease his pain? should we go to the hospital?
A1To ease the pain your dad can take some kind of NSAID (if he is not allergic to them of course) - though it's better to consult his doctor or the pharmacist. you can also take a wet towel and put it on the burned area. more important is that if its very painful or if it has blisters or if the burn is on the genitalia area - go to see a doctor because there is a risk (small risk but still) for serious damage.
A2First of all calm down. hot tea will rarely deal real damage if it is spilled just on the thigh.
If the burned area looks like this:
its just a first degree burn and he can take a regular OTC medication - just ask the pharmacist.
if it looks like this:
go to the hospital

Q. Can you get a serious burn injury from the sun?

I went to the swimming pool today and i got burned. It looks like some one spilled boiling water all over my back.
A1Yes you can.
not only that the sun exposure is a risk factor for skin cancer, sun burn can be very painful.
to ease the pain you can rub the burned area with cold yogurt.
sounds strange but worked for me :)
A2The answer is no on the short term but YES on the long one.
the sun rarely does burns that are more than second degree burns (meaning that the don't pass the dermis as you can see below)
the problem is that exposure to the sun is am importent risk factor for skin cancer

Q. except for for the scars, are there any more consequence to burns?

10 years ago i was burned in my face and right hand from boiling water. i was hospitalized and was treated with skin grafts from my thighs. In the last four weeks I feel a strange feeling in my scar. Its hard to describe the exact feeling but it kind of a painful lump inside my flesh. 10 years After that accident can it be that my body is still not over this injury?
A1burn scars have 3 optional ways of evolving.
a) nothing happens - shouldn't hurt at all (this is by far the most common situation)
b) nerve trapping (which happened to me. Its usually begins months after the burn and not years. and you dont have a lump)
c) skin cancer from the scar. this is a rare syndrome but you must go to your GP do exclude it. its called marjolin ulcer.
A2In general burn injuries that scar are a sealed deal.
The scar formation can take for up to a year but afterwards it shouldn't disturb you in any way.
If you feel that there is a new pain in the scar area consult your GP and maybe go to a pain clinic.
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