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Q. my friend has blood cancer ... and he acts as normal as i am , but i can't stop thinking if it is good for him

because i think he's putting a fake show for us , he's friends , because he wants us to act normal around him and he doesn't want to have special treatment from us .. and i am not sure it is for his benefit .. health wise ... what do you think ?
Athere are many psychological ways to accept a disease. denial, passive aggressive mechanism, acting out, control, humor ect. everyone of them has advantages and disadvantages. they are not bad or wrong, they just are. and the people around him have to understand it. if he's starting to act weird or harmful- then i suggest professional help. but as long that it doesn't get that far- leave it be.

Q. what should i do and how should i act if my son is all depressed? how can i help him? it cause a lot of

tension around the family ....
A1some things children get down about are growing pains. You are closer to your son than others and know if he needs outside help. If that is true, you can start by getting him to a medical doctor for evaluation. They are trained to recognize and treat depression. Its not so complicated these days. The other kids around him don't have to know if he is taking medication. If he gets better and he should, his friends will be happy for him and hopefully supportive. Pay attention to him and be as supportive as you can. Maybe being a friend or a buddy to him could be just the thing he really needs. Parents usually know best.
A2I am tempted to give advice, but depression is a serious condition - why not consult someone professional (e.g. a doctor or a psychiatrist) that knows you and your son better than me over the net?

Beside that, in my opinion it's important to support him and watch out for signs of self-harm: depressed people may damage themselves.

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Q. how do i figure if my daughter is autistic? sometimes i get the idea that she's act a little different than

the others but than again , it doesn't mean a lot .. i think my question is by what definitions and with what tools i would be able to get to a conclusion if my child deserve a special attention or it is just in my mind ....
Afirst of all= how old is your daughter? when i asked a professional he said there isn't a way to know before the age of 3. but any way- there isn't a medical test (like blood test etc.) that can definitely tell that she is autistic. it is done mostly with observations, sometimes testing for other problems that comes along with autism.

Q. Depression related. How can one prevent another from acting in the heat of the moment?

I've known a friend who has struggled with personal depression most of his life, and every once in a while it really gets to him (yesterday, for example). Usually he can try to brush it off by occupying himself with something else, but other times he can't, and ends up seriously considering things that he normally wouldn't; suicide being the most serious. I talked to him today, and he told me he felt fine, but I'm concerned that one day he might actually act on his feelings.
A1My suggestion is to keep frequent contact with your friend and keep them talking and sharing their problems and worries. Someone who may often think about suicide should not be left alone if that is possible, especially when there are those really dark days.

Someone needs to followup and make sure they take their medication. Its so easy to lapse on that. My wife keeps up with me, but sometimes, we both miss it. I have resorted to programming the appoinment calendar on my cell phone PDA to alert me twice a day at medicine time. That only works if I remember to turn the phone on.
My doctor provided me with additioanl medication for those bad days which really works. It usually makes me sleepy and soon I forget about the whole thing that seemed to be bothering me. Thise bad days pass and soon all is back on track. Its just soemthing I have learned to live with for many many years. There's not going to be a cure for me. I just do the best I can and let the chips fall where they may.
A2A helping hand is very important! It can do the difference between life and death. You have to remind him that suicide is a permanent solution to a transient problem.
And if he is not going to any therapy- that will be a good time talking to a psychiatrist.
Depression is a curable or at least manageable disease. No reason to suffer!
A3As someone who has suffered from depression for 7 years, its hereditary, I can tell you that there's not a whole lot you can do to prevent it! I have good days and "bad days" and on my bad days my husband watches me. I've started warning people when I'm not feeling well so they can keep track of me. Medicine has helped a ton, but I still get them every once in a while!
Offer your company anytime of the day, while he may not call, he'll know you're there and knowing that if you were gone, someone would care was always the key for me. Also I knew that so many people had offered to help that they might feel responsible. The thought of my grandmother hearing about it always stopped me.
:) Good luck!

Q. Does alcohol drinking act as a catalyst of a problem?

Does alcohol drinking act as a catalyst of a problem? My father has been battling depression and anxiety for many years and he used to drink in the past. Recently his behavior associated with drinking is visible and I strongly suspect that he is drinking again. Generally we get silly after drinking but my dad`s perception are altered in a negative way….
A1Yes that’s true… when I drink my depression gets amplified. And this almost happens on the issues which hurts me. Sometimes it becomes self destructive. One should even look that it doesn’t harm anyone. Keep him under observation for 3 days and if the problem persists, then you must take him to a doctor.
A2Alcohol is a depressant, so it can and often does make depression worse. if it's done regularly - it can have devastating affect on depression.
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