zygomaticus major muscle

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zy·go·mat·i·cus ma·jor mus·cle

(zī'gō-mat'i-kŭs mā'jŏr mŭs'ĕl)
Facial muscle of anterior cheek extending to upper lip; origin, zygomatic bone anterior to temporozygomatic suture; insertion, muscles at angle of mouth; action, draws upper lip upward and laterally; nerve supply, facial.
Synonym(s): musculus zygomaticus major [TA] , greater zygomatic muscle, musculus zygomaticus.
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To correct an asymmetric smile, which is caused by abnormal motion of the zygomaticus major muscle, the toxin is injected in the lateral margin of the muscle to a depth of -4.6 mm (Fig.
However, the activities of the zygomaticus major muscle did not show any sign of premier expression, which indicated that the premier expression was sensitive to unpleasant stimuli and might only exist as a negative signal.
For example, when observing a happy face, one tends to activate the zygomaticus major muscles, which turn the corners of the mouth upwards into a smile, as well as the orbicularis oculi muscles, which are responsible for squinting the eyes.
Movement Muscles involved Kissing Orbicularis oris Blowing Buccinator, orbicularis oris Lifting Frontalis, corrugator supercilii, and upper eyebrows eyelid orbicularis oculi Smiling Risorius, zygomaticus major, zygomaticus minor, caninus, levator labii superioris, and orbicularis oris TABLE 2: Examples of results provided by SONRIE.
The facial artery is deep to the platysma, risorius, zygomaticus major and minor, levator labii superioris, and levator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscles.
But Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer, last seen in a Filipino film in 2012 (via Rory Quintos' 'Suddenly It's Magic,' costarring Erich Gonzales), doesn't mind stretching his zygomaticus major, the human body's premier muscle for smiling and laughing, to live up to his country's Land of Smiles monicker.
In addition, to ascertain whether or not smile types would have differential effects on ERN amplitudes, we distinguished between a genuine Duchenne smile and a standard smile: A standard smile engages only the zygomaticus major muscles around the mouth, whereas a Duchenne smile engages both the zygomaticus major muscles and the orbicularis oculi muscles surrounding the eyes (Duchenne de Boulogne, 1862/1990; Ekman & Davidson, 1993).
These researchers instructed their test subjects to view cartoons while holding a pen in their mouth in such a way that either the zygomaticus major muscle (which is used when laughing and smiling) or its antagonist, the orbicularis oris muscle, was contracted.
Even before I got distracted by the zygomaticus major malfunction now and then during the course of the Kings vs Super Kings Friday encounter in the sweltering Sharjah heat -- and honestly it's not the first time that I had been trapped mind before wicket by the impish charm that hid behind the pecks on the cheeks of the Dil Se girl-- I had begun to take a liking for Kings XI Punjab for the simple fact that they will now have Virendra Sehwag in their playing eleven.
Recording at the sites of Zygomaticus major (cheek) and Corrugator Supercilii (brow) can index positive and negative valence (Lang, Greenwald, Bradley, & Hamm, 1993; Ravaja, Saari, Turpeinen, et al., 2006; Witvliet & Vrana, 1995).
These muscles are the orbicularis oculi; they open and close the eyelids, blink and squint and express an entire range of emotions and together with the zygomaticus major, indicate laughter.
Some authors consider that the SMAS encloses the mimetic muscles [15], while others affirm that the SMAS finalizes in the zygomaticus major muscle [9].