Zuckerkandl, Emil

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Zuckerkandl, Emil

Austro-Hungarian anatomist, 1849–1910.

Zuckerkandl bodies

Organs of Zuckerkandl.

organs of Zuckerkandl

A pair of organs containing chromaffin tissue present in the embryo and persisting until shortly after birth. They are located adjacent to the anterior surface of the abdominal aorta. The cells secrete epinephrine. Synonym: Zuckerkandl bodies See: aortic body
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Emil, Austrian anatomist, 1849-1910.
organs of Zuckerkandl - Synonym(s): Zuckerkandl bodies
Zuckerkandl bodies - small masses of chromaffin tissue found near the sympathetic ganglia along the aorta. Synonym(s): organs of Zuckerkandl; paraaortic bodies
Zuckerkandl convolution - Synonym(s): subcallosal gyrus
Zuckerkandl fascia - the posterior layer of the renal fascia.
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