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A regional term for a person who sells fake crack cocaine and then flees (‘zooms’)
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Zoomer," a robot dog that sells for 15,000 yen excluding tax and is targeted at children 6 years and older, can recognize about 30 Japanese commands such as Osuwari (sit), and respond with more than 40 types of actions.
Lisa P and Suzanne MB challenge every baby boomer and every senior to become a Zoomer - to be an active and fit boomer or senior…to age with 'zip'
Zoomer Dino Boomer the robotic dinosaur is remote controlled so he can zip around the room, now PS79.
In an interview with Zoomer magazine last year, Streep was asked what energizes and inspires her.
Zoomer, size of a small-puppy at roughly 10 inches long and 6 inches high, designed by Spin Master LTD, is a 99 dollar robotic pet for children aged 5 and up.
MONTE ZOOMER Jovetic will look to use his pace and trickery to upset England
Later I was treated to a disturbing picture of the 62-year-old blond Branson, sans shirt, on the cover of Zoomer magazine.
In the episode, crime-fighting gang Rastamouse, Scratchy and Zoomer - known as the Easy Crew, whose slogan is "Makin' a bad ting good" - attempted to track down a cheese thief.
Just as a car maker claims "Our Jupiter Zoomer can go 0-60 in 5.
Notwithstanding my recent upgrade from Boomer to Zoomer status (you know, 60 is the new 25) things still seem to happen like the olden days.
Since demography is destiny for magazines, he's arbitrarily increased the catchment area of Zoomer to people "45+"--so that a good many people who have barely recovered from adolescence now find themselves summarily drafted onto the low rungs of the aged.