Zone Therapy

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The earliest form of Western energy-enhancing pressure point massage, which is based on massaging neural reflex zones
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Fitzgerald's zone therapy, the whole body can be divided into longitudinal zones, or energy channels, that run through the whole body, terminating in the feet and hands.
He termed the practice "zone therapy," coauthoring a text of the same name that was published in 1917.
He called it "zone therapy," coauthoring a 1917 text of that name.
Reflexology--the relief of bodily ills by massaging the feet--seems to be in this category, descended from the "zone therapy" popular in the late nineteenth century.
Signature Brands, the new corporate name for Health-o-meter products, is showing its focus zone therapy products, two of which it introduced last year; the company has added four SKUs to the line.
New products such as Hand Therapy cream, Cuticle Zone Therapy and No More Breaks are helping Del to maintain its leadership position in this category.