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Drug slang A regional street term for
(1) PCP
(2) A heavy user of illicit drugs
Paranormal One of the ‘living dead’ of Haitian voodoo folklore
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But what happens if I don't want to be a zombie? If you're still not convinced and would prefer to save mankind instead, tickets for players are PS38 each for the opening preview game on March 19, with the other four dates priced at PS48 for early bird entry and PS58 standard.
He spends his life as a fulltime zombie working for game organisers, Slingshot.
Titled 'Marvel Zombies', the comics giant teased the cover of the upcoming comics, illustrated by Inhyuk Lee, on Instagram, CNN reported.
Zombie Apocalypse Park or Zap will also feature a line-up of live acts, games, battles and events, with glow-in-the-dark technology to set the mood.
The problem is that zombie cells release chemicals that can harm nearby normal cells.
By that time, everybody loved and feared zombies. The very phrase 'zombie apocalypse' had entered the lexicon, representing fears of a world-ending event, with many even preparing for such an event happening in real life.
Anna and the Apocalypse is festive on top of everything else, the zombie plague taking place at the most wonderful time of the year; our heroes wave garlands of tinsel to distract the undead, while Anna declares that "Christmas is fast becoming my least-favourite C-word".
"No experience is needed to become a zombie as we will train you - There's no upper age limit on becoming a zombie and we take on people from any background."
The vessel that has lain abandoned at Llanerch-y-Mor near Mostyn in Flintshire since the mid-1980s has been taken over by the "UK's biggest" supplier of zombie experiences - Zombie Infection.
Bishop divides his chapters thematically, if somewhat arbitrarily, into Part One, "Generic Triad," or the "generic phases of the zombie narrative" (19); Part Two, "Beyond Film," which covers the graphic novel, literature, and stage; and Part Three, "Broader Horizons," which performs a post-mortem on everything from the translation of the zombie into video games to the translation of Shakespeare into zombie fictions.
The Zombie as Allegory of Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Bob has a zombie bite; all zombie bites turn people into zombies, therefore Bob will become a zombie.