Zomepirac, see there.
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Companies Mentioned in this Report: Honda, Husqvarna, STIHL, Toro, Blount International, Emak, GreenWorks Tools, Makita, Stanley Black, Decker, Zomax
December 2007 Manipulated inventory levels to increase income Waste Management November 1997 Improperly recognized revenue and exaggerated assets values Williams Companies January 2002 Failed to disclosure contingent liabilities and the nature of assets and liabilities of an off-balance sheet Special purpose entity Xerox June 2002 Improperly recognized lease revenues, failed to write off bad debts, and improperly classified transactions Zomax March 2005 Improperly accounted for expenses and failed to reconcile certain balance sheet accounts properly Note that the initial time of irregularity allegations is expressed in month because it is difficult to obtain the first date of allegations that is uniform among data sources.
Zomax claim 100 jobs in Dublin are under threat because it has lost a major contract.
(35.) Antisecrecy advocates also often cite the Zomax case.
The case involved Zomax, a drug intended to be used as needed for menstrual pain.
"Zomax's dangers were hidden five extra years, causing 14 more deaths and 403 life-threatening allergic reactions.
EXHIBIT 1 Fortune's 100 Fastest-Growing Companies (a) Rank Firm Name 1 Siebel Systems 2 Meritage 3 THQ 4 Network Appliance 5 Citrix Systems 5 Salton 7 Labor Ready 8 Veritas Software 9 Jakks Pacific 9 Pilgrim Capital 11 Actrade international 11 Vitesse Semiconductor 13 Consolidated Graphics 14 Dell Computer 15 Cree Research 16 American Eagle Outfitters 16 Qualcomm 18 Arguss Holdings 19 Polymedica 20 Kellstrom Industries 21 Railamerica 22 Armor Holdings 23 Extended Stay America 24 Action Performance 25 Tekelec 26 Legato Systems 27 Biomatrix 27 Monaco Coach 29 Aspect Development 29 Compuware 29 Hauppauge Digital 29 Visx 29 Zomax 34 AVT 34 Pacific Sunwear of California 36 Mercury Interactive 36 Suma Industries 38 Autonation 39 Whitman-Hart 40 Profit Recovery Group Intl.
Companies mentioned include Zomax (ZOMX), Shuffle Master (SHFL), Digital Biometrics (DBII), Grand Casinos (GND), Rainforest CafT (RAIN), Wilsons Leather (WLSN), Chronimed (CHMD), FSI International (FSII), Children's Broadcasting (AAHS), Disney (DIS), Harmony Holdings (HAHO), Medtronics (MDT), St.
The major focus is on a painkiller, Zomax, developed and marketed by McNeil Pharmaceutical, a division of McNeilab, which is a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson.
Devra Davis, a Washington toxicologist, testified that she almost died from an allergic reaction she suffered after taking the prescription drug Zomax for pain in her broken foot.
The event concerned Johnson & Johnson's removal of Zomax, a prescription pain reliever, after reports (see the Wall Street Journal [1983b]) of five people dying of allergic reactions to Zomax.