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Johann F., German physicist, 1834-1882. See: Zöllner lines.
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IT'S the question that has haunted grieving mum Sophia Zollner for 10 long years - but she's determined to fight on for an answer.
Zollner made the suggestion in response to a tweet by Marie Collins, an Irish abuse survivor who resigned from the commission in March.
Address : 96052 Bamberg, Zollner Strae 190 Sowie Zustzlich Fr Die Lose 1 Und 4 Armeestrae 40 In 96050 Bamberg CPV-Code 90000000-7
AX) (OTC: ANZBY) has said that it has appointed Sharon Zollner as the bank's New Zealand chief economist.
2) Zollner was especially convinced by one performance in which Slade caused four knots to appear in a cord, the ends of which had been fused together to create a continuous loop.
Owned by Fred Zollner and his sister Janet, the Fort Wayne (Indiana) Zollner Pistons began playing in the National Basketball League in 1941.
Germany's Zollner, the largest privately held EMS in the world, has been inching into the Americas for years.
The total lipids were estimated by the method of Zollner and Kirsch (1962).
2) It was introduced by Berthold (3) and was further developed by Wullstein (4) and Zollner.
Glosscock and Shambaugh used full thickness skin graft, while Wullstein and Zollner used split thickness skin graft.
The association of IL-b with fertilization results is supported by Zollner et al.