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Relating to living things; having life.
[G. zōikos, relating to an animal]
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Once Upon A Time is an amazing creative opportunity for Zoic," said Andrew Orloff, Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director at Zoic Studios.
Saker Klippsten, head of engineering at Zoic Studios, and Randy Hackbart, director of product management in the Workstation Solutions group at Teradici, will provide an in-depth overview of the following:
Created by marketing ideas agency WONGDOODY and visual effects agency Zoic Studios, the spots contain no live action and rely fully on computer generated animation technology to create imaginative, seamless narratives which demonstrate the scope of games available and how easy it is to rent from GameFly.
Tunnicliffe; visual effects" supervisor, Adam Stern; visual effects, Zoic Studios, Artifex Studios, Factory VFX; stunt coordinator, John Copeman; assistant director, Alisa Fredericks; second unit director, Todd J.
and we process our data-intensive, all-digital effects at both locations through collaboration between the artists and producers located in each city," said Saker Klippsten, Head of Engineering for Zoic Studios.
com), a provider of high performance networked storage and media management solutions, announced today that Zoic Studios has selected Sledgehammer as the networked storage solution for HD footage acquisition, file sharing, and archiving of material.
Camera (Deluxe color prints, Panavision widescreen), Michael Grady; editor, Tia Nolan; music supervisor, Wende Crowley; production designer, Marcia Hands; art director, Bo Johnson; set decorator, Cindy Coburn; costume designer, Renee Ehrlich Kalfus; sound (Dolby Digital/SDDS/Datasat), Geoffrey Patterson; supervising sound editor, Jon Wakeham; re-recording mixers, Tateum Kohut, Greg Orloff; visual effects supervisors, Rocco Passionino, Thomas Tannenberger; visual effects, Zoic Studios, Gradient Effects; special effects supervisor, Tom Frazier; assistant director, Todd Amateau; casting, Lisa Miller Katz.
When it came time to move critical data to our new Isilon IQ 1440 storage system, we were a bit overwhelmed when thinking of how to migrate terabytes of data without cumbersome error-checking scripts and user intervention," said Saker Klippsten, chief technology officer and head of engineering at ZOIC Studios.
Peristere and Zoic Studios garnered the visual effects Emmy for "Firefly" in 2003, and Peristere has served as VFX Supervisor on Whedon's successful episodic programs "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel.
Okun; visual effects, Rhythm & Hues Studios, Zoic Studios, Soho VFX, Cos FX Films; stunt coordinators, Andy Cheng, Scott Nicholson; assistant director, Paul Barry; second unit director, Andy Cheng;, second unit camera, Roger Vernon; casting, Ronna Kress.
the highly-anticipated miniseries "Battlestar Galactica" debuts on the SCI FI channel complete with dramatic visual effects by Emmy Award-winning Zoic Studios.
13th, the work of leading digital effects and animation production company Zoic Studios was honored with a Creative Arts Emmy Awards in the category of Outstanding Visual Effects for a Series for its contribution to "Firefly.