Ziziphus jujube

Ziziphus jujube (ziˑ ·z·fs jōōˑ ·jōō·bē),

n parts used: fruit, leaves, seed, root, plant; uses: pain, poisoning, anticancer, diuretic, irritated tissue, expectorant, sedative, respiratory disease, burns, cooling of the body, relaxant, skin conditions, facilitation of stomach action, general health, weight gain, muscular strength, stamina, liver function, immune system function, antipyretic, hair growth, strangury, vasoconstriction, blood purification, chronic fatigue, treat appetite loss, antidiarrheal, anemia, irritability, hysteria, palpitations, insomnia, night sweats, dyspepsia, wound healing, ulcers, hypertonia, nephritis; precautions: may cause angioneurotic edema. Also called
jujube, azufaifo, bedara china, Chinese date, Chinese jujube, common jujube, dara, hong zao, Indian jujube, jujube, jujubier, kan tsao, kola, liane crocs chien, liang tsao, mei tsao, nabug, nan tsao, pei tsao, perita haitiana, petite pomme, pomme malcadi, ponsere, suan tsao, ta tsao, tsao, unnab, unnap agaci, widara, and
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Summary Low cost activated carbon prepared from saw dust of Ziziphus jujube by chemical activation with phosphoric acid (H3PO4) was characterized and utilized for the removal of Cr (VI) ions from aqueous solutions under different conditions of solution pH contact time initial concentration carbon dose and temperature.
Ziziphus jujube (Ber) plants grow in Pakistan abundantly and their wood is used in furniture or as fuel.
The adsorption efficiency of the activated carbon sample prepared from the saw dust of Ziziphus jujube (Ber) for the removal of Cr (VI) ions from aqueous solutions was compared with other adsorbents reported in the literature [15 33-37] as shown in Table-5.
Activated carbon sample was prepared from saw dust of Ziziphus jujube.
Comparison of the sedative and hypnotic effects of flavonoids, saponins, and polysaccharides extracted from semen Ziziphus jujube.
They include species like; ziziphus jujube, albizia lebbeck, delonix regia and ficus altissima," he said.
encontraron que la formula herbal de CKBM compuesta de cinco hierbas medicinales chinas (Panax ginseng, Schisandra chinensis, Fructus crataegi, Ziziphus jujube and Glycine max) suplementado con Saccharomyces cerevisiae procesada, fue capaz de iniciar la secrecion de IL6, IL10,TNF-[alfa]e IFN-[gamma] por celulas mononucleares de sangre periferica in vitro (Chan et al.