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Hans, U.S. bacteriologist and immunologist, 1878-1940. See: Brill-Zinsser disease.
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Zinsser shares his memories and opinions of other bygone institutions, including, as he terms it, "The Great American Songbook.
Rust-Oleum's Zinsser Peel Stop[R] has a high flexibility compared to the industry standard of X-I-M Peel Bond, which means it can be covered with any latex or alkyd paint and with Rust-Oleum, you know it is a finish that will last awhile.
So there I stood, bookless, while the dignified profs - most in shorts and running shoes - lined up to get autograph after autograph, one man getting Zinsser signatures in three different editions.
Because the ZINSSER PLUS Mildew-Proof* Commercial Wallcovering System is virtually odorless, it can be applied in occupied areas without interruption.
Rather, it resembles more closely the assessment of Hans Zinsser.
A light spray of Zinsser shellac or Lambert's Fabulon clear floor finish, used inside the box of the shoe, will strengthen it for longer wear; let the shoes dry thoroughly.
On women in industry before 1700, see Clark; Vann; and Anderson and Zinsser.
To augment the lessons in that book, Zinsser has issued a new shorter book that picks up where the larger book left off: he has recorded and annotated remarks that some of his successful former students made during visits to his classroom at the New School.
Few authors grasp that duality as well as William Zinsser, and few write as wisely about it.
William Zinsser is perhaps best known his books which include On Writing Well.