Zinn membrane

Zinn mem·brane

the anterior layer of the iris.
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Johann Gottfried, German anatomist, 1727-1759.
Zinn artery - Synonym(s): central artery of retina
Zinn corona - Synonym(s): Zinn vascular circle
Zinn ligament - Synonym(s): Zinn ring
Zinn membrane - the anterior layer of the iris.
Zinn ring - a fibrous ring that surrounds the optic canal and the medial part of the superior orbital fissure. Synonym(s): common tendinous ring; Zinn ligament; Zinn tendon
Zinn tendon - Synonym(s): Zinn ring
Zinn vascular circle - a network of branches of the short ciliary arteries on the sclera around the point of entrance of the optic nerve. Synonym(s): vascular circle of optic nerve; Zinn corona
Zinn zonule - a series of delicate meridional fibers arising from the inner surface of the orbiculus ciliaris and that run in bundles between and in a very thin layer over the ciliary processes. Synonym(s): ciliary zonule
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