Zinc Finger Protein

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Any of a superfamily of transactivating protein receptors that mediate the actions of steroids and steroid-like hormones; after a zinc finger receptor binds a hormone, it influences gene expression by associating with specific DNA elements, the hormone-responsive elements (HREs)
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Downregulation of zinc finger protein 132 in prostatecancer is associated with aberrant promoter hypermethylation and poor prognosis.
KRAB zinc finger proteins are the subject of intensive research as scientists try to sort out their many regulatory roles within the genome.
Wang et al., "A microtubule-associated zinc finger protein, BuGZ, regulates mitotic chromosome alignment by ensuring Bub3 stability and kinetochore targeting," Developmental Cell, vol.
Using three different statistical methods to analyse normalized spectral count data, this study has identified zinc finger protein 441 as a highly discriminating factor between CIN2-3 regressive and persistent lesions.
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Using the Kyoto iPS cell technology and our zinc finger protein technologies, we hope to generate stable, defined sets of cells and subsequently derived tissues whose predictive power will allow us lo develop a new paradigm in assay development," said Sigma-Aldrich CSO David Smoller, Ph.D.
Hunchback-like (Hb) proteins represent a subgroup of a large and diverse family of zinc finger proteins present in eukaryotic bilaterian genomes (Lander et al., 2001; Venter et al., 2001; Stein et al., 2003).
In the current study, Mount Sinai researchers found that the protein called "zinc finger protein 217" (ZFP217) regulates the actions of genes that maintain a balance between stem cell self-renewal and differentiation.
Three target genes of miR-34c (zinc finger protein 148: ZNF148, kruppel-like factor 4: KLF4, and platelet-derived growth factor receptor alpha: PDGFRA) were predicted by four kinds of bioinformatics software (microRNA.org, miRDB, miRGen, TargetScan).
ZFX gene which encodes Zinc Finger Protein of X chromosome and homologous to ZFY gene of Y chromosome, is considered to be a highly conserved gene in vertebrates and has a great potential in assessing the genetic diversity and differentiation among different species and within their respective breeds.

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