Franz, Swiss physician, 1858-1932. See: Zimmerlin atrophy.
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38) Parix envio a un empleado suyo, Nicolas Zimmerlin, para arreglar cuentas con el impresor de Valencia Juan Rosenbach (nacido tambien en Heidelberg), y sabemos que se relaciono con el presbitero Pedro Verdet, localizado en Pamplona, y con Dionisio de la Roche, vecino de Zaragoza.
Ed Boettcher, vice president and controller of general lighting, and Jim Savarese, national sales manager of the consumer products division, accepted the award from Ed Zimmerlin, senior vice president of merchandising and marketing at Payless Cashways, based in Lee Summit, Mo.
Many of the housewares industry's most respected and innovative retailers, including industry veterans Bill Bennett of Waccamaw, Carolyn Atherton of Wil- liams-Sonoma, Lance Graves of QVC, Ed Zimmerlin of HomePlace, Clayton Bond of Tops Appliance City and Michael Mallon of ServiStar Coast to Coast, will share the merchandising strategies that drive their highly successful retail opera- tions.