Zero Star Rating

A rating accorded an NHS trust based on the NHS’ star rating system which assesses an NHS organisation’s performance in terms of service to its patients. Zero star trusts have the poorest levels of performance against the Healthcare Commission’s Performance Indicators, or have made little progress in implementing clinical governance
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The UK-based non-profit Global NCAP, which studies the quality of vehicles, has over the years assigned a zero star rating to many small vehicles sold in India - an assessment that there could be life-threatening injuries in a crash at 64km/h.
The pub's new owners say the business is "much improved" and has jumped from a zero star rating to four stars.
Late Night, on Smithdown Road, has a zero star rating
Auto Business News-September 15, 2015--Latin NCAP imposes made-in-India Hyundai Grand i10 with zero star rating
The scheme awards stars to anywhere that sells food, from zero through to five, after an inspection is carried out by a council food safety officer - all the outlets named in the list got a one or the worst, a zero star rating.
The London-based firm, which became the first supplier to have a zero star rating, issued an apology to customers after admitting the introduction of new billing systems had affected its performance.
The most recent report by the Commission for Social Care Inspection in March gave the home a zero star rating.
It is left to the dependable John C Reilly as the sinister Crepsley to rescue the movie from a zero star rating.
In November last year, inspectors visited the 59-bed Southwark Park home and gave it a zero star rating.
Redditch Borough Council, which pays out pounds 22 million to jobless people each year, was given a zero star rating during an inspection of its benefits service by the Audit Commission.
Her social services department also scored a zero star rating for three consecutive years.
On a scale from zero to three stars, the inspectors gave the council a zero star rating.