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Hans U., U.S. pediatrician, 1909-1990. See: Zellweger syndrome.
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I was the last thing on my list of priorities," Zellweger, said in her cover story for New York magazine, cited by E!
Zellweger, 50, best known for the "Bridget Jones" series of comedy movies, told People magazine she took voice lessons and spent two hours a day in make-up getting prosthetics and wigs for the Judy Garland role.
Aside from Zellweger and McGregor, the Peyton Reed-directed film also featured a slew of other recognizable stars, including Sarah Paulson, David Hyde Pierce and Rachel Dratch.
The male leads do well, but the film clearly 'belongs' to Zellweger, as it should.
Zellweger, 47, is back on the big screen after a six-year break from Hollywood.
Zellweger also admitted she was thrilled at not being noticed.
Zellweger, 47, said she had chosen to respond to an October 2014 tabloid story that claimed she had undergone surgery to alter her eyes, because being in the public eye sometimes means "resigning to humiliation" and other times means "understanding when silence perpetuates a bigger problem".
LOS ANGELES: Actress Rose McGowan is calling out a film critic for writing that Renee Zellweger no longer looks like herself and insinuating that Zellweger underwent plastic surgery.
For "Tables and Landscapes" at Shoot the Lobster, Urban Zellweger's sprightly first New York solo show, the young Zurich-based artist presented six paintings from 2015 that mined art-historical conventions, and while at first this might sound familiar--yet another tiresome, "critical" recapitulation of painting's heroic, bygone forms--Zellweger did something different.
Valentin Zellweger, a legal adviser to the Swiss government, said Monday the federal prosecutor and highest court still have to take steps in the restitution case, but that the process has come a long way.