Zeiss, Carl

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Carl, German optician, 1816-1888.
Abbé-Zeiss apparatus - see under Abbé, Ernst Karl
Thoma-Zeiss apparatus - Synonym(s): Abbé-Zeiss apparatus
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I also had the equally new Zeiss Conquest V4 4-16x44mm turned up all the way.
Release date- 02082019 - Sanner GmbH uses ZEISS software platform for its strategic manufacturing platform.
* Zeiss Academy www.zeiss.co.uk/corporate/zeiss academy-uk/zeiss-academy-uk-meditec/ e-learning.html
ZEISS believes that the market needs a fresh, innovative approach in the field of phaco.
25 October 2018 - Germany-based medical technology company Carl Zeiss Meditec has entered into an agreement to acquire US-based micro-interventional cataract surgery technology specialist IanTECH, the company said.
The ReLEx SMILE is a minimally-invasive corneal refractive procedure performed on the ZEISS VisuMax femtosecond laser.
* ZEISS Gemini 450 can control spot size and beam current
Programming the surface parameters is quick and easy because the ZEISS ROTOS is completely integrated in CALYPSO, the ZEISS measuring software.
ZEISS Celldiscoverer 7 can be adapted to a range of tasks and applications and comes with various incubation and detection options that can be tailored to individual needs of research labs.
The Zeiss CP.3 series features advanced lens coating, painted lens rims, and light traps within the barrel to eliminate undesirable veiling glare and flares.